How many young sex stories compare to this one?

Generally speaking, young sex stories are some of my favorite to tell and to imagine. I love the thought of teaching a vulnerable, impressionable young boy about his lowly place in this world. Not just to me, but to my young daughter as well. My daughter Suzy is going to experience inflicting submission, denial, maybe even a little torture during humiliation phone sex. Accordingly, I am going to tease that useless pimple of his until he begs me to punish him, to shame him, to degrade and embarrass him in front of my young daughter over and over. In this case, that will be very easy to do. Suzy will catch on and take over with the slander and swears like a pro. I am so proud of my little girl.

Little Irving is made to undress and step into the tub.

Suzy had him get into the bathtub as soon as his mother dropped him off. He was my charge now and I could do absolutely anything I wanted. Until the time for his mother to return in a couple of days that is. In the long run, we are going to have our way with this boy. Until he becomes our submissive slave and reminds him of his lowly place.

Young sex stories about boys like Irving are the best to share with perverts like you. Funny that Suzy is even younger than Irving, yet she laughs and points at his little penis like a true alpha female. I teach her to wash that little boy penis with her soapy hand while she watches the faces Irving makes.  Suzy has that piggy butt plug plugging him up! Hs boy penis is acting more like a man penis with Suzy looking on and laughing like she is during ageplay phone sex.

Daughter Suzie takes control of Irving like a true alpha female.

All in all, it is going to be a very productive couple of days with little Irving answering our beckon calls. Pedophilia at the hands of my young daughter is going to be a fun new past-time for me. While Suzy finishes Irving’s bath, I’ll remind Irving that it is because he is a little boy that he will never have the privileges that Suzy has. You, Irving, are a lowly thing, with a little penis worthy of nothing, deserving of nothing, so expect to receive nothing but grief and reminders of your place with real women.  Young sex stories are being written about you. Told by strong, spiteful women like me and my daughter Suzy about you. And all the women are going to laugh and feel pity YOU.

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