My older brother and I, as you might remember from one of my earlier blog posts, had many sibling sex stories.

And in this one, I’d like to tell you how most of our sibling sex stories went.

Younger me was pretty much the same as older me: horny, aroused, and ready to fuck at any time and any place. When I wasn’t sucking his cock while he was playing Xbox, or riding his dick on the sofa before our parents came home, I was sneaking into his bedroom. The first couple of times, he was asleep, but after I made it a habit to crawl into his bed after mom and dad had gone to bed, he only pretended.

Often I’d start by cupping his dick, placing kisses on his neck. He’d wake up and groan. Though, when I offered to 69, he was at attention. Half the time we didn’t even get to his mouth on my pussy (a shame), because I was so focused on his dick. I loved playing with it, licking the head and making it get more and more purple. I’d trace lazy circles of his precum with my finger around it as I worked him up with my fingernails. And when he’d had enough, he’d beg to cum inside me.

That was the tricky part.

We’d quickly learned that mom and dad would sometimes hear me when I moaned, so our best bet was to fuck me doggie style, as I’d moan and scream into his pillows. So he’d crawl over me and turn me over with my ass up in the air. He’d rub his dick against my pussy lips, teasing me, loving the way I’d bite his pillow to stay quiet. And finally, finally, he’d push in.

Perhaps mom and dad knew the whole time. I mean, I couldn’t have been very quiet, really. With the way he’d fuck me hard, all the intensity of a young man with a tight little pussy to cum in, I was probably screaming my head off. But mom and dad never bothered me, and I got to cum again and again on my older brother’s cock until he came inside my pussy in turn.

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