Who doesn’t love an older brother sex story?

When I was younger, my older brother finally came back during a college break, and that’s how this older brother sex story starts. He had no idea of the devious little girl I’d turned out to be, and I didn’t realize how hot and muscled he’d become. He came home and said little to our parents, but said hi to our siblings, and then a hello to me, his eyes raking over me once or twice. Older men gave me that smile, so I pulled him into a hug, feeling both safe and aroused at how fit he’d become.  

He pushed me away, blushing, and I noted his pants tent up as he moved to his room. My mother noticed, too, and she called me down the steps and scolded me. Good girls don’t fling themselves on their brothers, she told me. Good girls give them space and don’t act like sluts for fucking.

Her words had the opposite effect.  I wanted to fuck him then. I wanted him to pin me against the wall, throw me onto his bed, or lick me out in his car. The rest of the week I spent my time “accidentally” forgetting my towel in the shower and asking him to bring me a fresh one, “dropping” items in short skirts so I’d have to bend over, or wearing nothing but a bra, claiming it was too hot. Mother grounded me, but not before my friends promised to take me to a 50 Shades of Grey party. We were having one in the next town over, via a friend whose parents were not home. Masks were required, but anything else was up to the attendee.

So I snuck out of the window, and my friends drove me to the party, and who did I see there but someone who looked exactly like my brother. My older brother didn’t see me, but I knew it was him despite his mask. He had the same tattoo on his arm.

Older brother sex story? Definitely on the table, I thought.

I brought him a shot glass of whiskey and asked him to drink it with me, straddling his lap. His friends howled at this woman suddenly being so aggressive, not realizing it was his sister. He swallowed, looking into my eyes, and then he took a shot of the whiskey, probably doing the same thing I was– pretending we weren’t each other, just enough to give plausible deniability. After his shot, I kissed his mouth, licking it while he fondled my ass. 

I began to remove his mask, but he shook his head. “Don’t take it off,” he pleaded with me. I nodded and kissed his neck instead, leaving a huge hickey for our parents to see the next day.

We moved upstairs to one of the empty rooms, where I got my wish– he threw me to the bed and started eating me out. “Been thinking of this ever since I saw you at home,” he admitted. Then he muttered my name while I gripped his hair. His tongue never slowed while he was licking me. Fingers pressed inside me and made me cum multiple times, made me gush all over him, but his tongue didn’t stop until his cock lined up with my hole.

And after that… well, you know. We might not have had masks after the party, but we certainly had lots of fun. 


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