My sibling sex stories with my sister often involved me being an accomplice to something really naughty!

I have turned her into quite the bad girl with all my sibling sex stories. When she was a bit younger, my daddy liked to drink quite a bit. Well, he still does. He used to take us to the bar in our small little town and he would give us a handful of quarters to either mess around with the pool table or play with the pinball machine. One day, One of the guys in the bar approached me. He was this big burly man and he began asking me questions.

He asked me what I thought of my little sister and told me that he thought she was really pretty. Then, he propositioned me. He asked me if I wanted to make a bunch of money doing something secret! I was so excited! He told me that there was a hole in one of the men’s stalls. I was supposed to hold my sister there and force her down on whatever came through the hole. Then, I was to say only one thing which was, “what hole.”

They would then respond with ass, pussy, or mouth.

I would make 10 dollars per customer while the guy collecting the money in the other stall would make 40 bucks for mouth, 50 for pussy and 60 for ass. The first night we had only two customers, but after a while, we could get up to 6 guys a night! That was 60 bucks for me, which was a lot for a kid my age! My sister cried so much the first night we had to tape her mouth! And it was only two guys who both wanted her pussy.

She fought kinda hard when the first guy stuck his cock through the hole, so my partner in crime had to come in and help me. We both picked her up and forced her tiny little hole down on his cock. We just held her there with her pussy pressed against the stall, while the others used her hole. The first guy filled her within 3 minutes of pumping.

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