When I caught my parents having sex, I did not think that I was going to fuck my mom!

At first, I stood frozen in the doorway watching my dad fuck my mom. I had heard a noise upstairs and decided to investigate. I snuck up the stairs quietly because I knew that I would get in trouble for being up during bedtime. The door was cracked a bit and I could see that the lamp light was on. My mom was 7 months pregnant with my little sister and her belly was round. It stuck far out past her hairy pussy.

My father was spooning her and fucking her at the same time. The door creaked and they both looked straight at me. I shouted sorry and covered my eyes. My father just laughed and told me to come on in. I told him that I knew I wasn’t supposed to be up and he told me that it was ok. He asked me if I wanted to join. I hopped in bed and my mom told me to take my clothes off.

She began rubbing my pussy once I was completely undressed. After she put my hand on her pussy, she told me to lick her down there. As I tasted her pussy from underneath her engorged belly. My father grabbed me from behind while I licked her wet pussy. I felt his hard rod pressed against my pussy. Then he thrust into my tight little hole! I felt him fill me as deep as he could go. He pumped into me over and over.

Finally, I felt him fill my pussy with his seed. My mom knelt between my legs and slurped my father’s cum right out of my pussy! I could feel it draining out as she licked me down there!

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