This family holiday I thought I’d share with you all my experiences with sibling breeding incest.

Some of my fellow incest lovers already know about Fred. Fred is my older brother, whom I share my passion for sibling breeding incest. But, as I said before, it’s the holiday season for family. So I thought I would share with you how Fred and I keep it all in the family.

How It Started

When I first started high school, Fred was halfway through college. He was tired of being a virgin, and I had been playing around with boys for a while. So, naturally, I offered to help Fred out. He laughed and said he would think about the offer. I didn’t think anything more of it, until later that night.

Turns out, Fred was very serious about my offer. He crept into my room, got on my bed, and started rubbing my stomach through my bedsheets. Well, that seemed pussyfooted to me. Why wait for something fun? So I took his hands and grabbed them in mine. Then I threw off the bedsheets and put his hands right up under my shirt. 

His thick fingers began to dig into my breasts. Even then, I had little handfuls of tit he could play with. And then curious fingers began to tug at my nipples. Soon, Fred climbed on top of me and my shirt came off. His fingers kept brushing over my nipples while my pussy got wetter.

I can still remember what he said to me then, breathy though it was. “Bet these will be very sensitive when are full of milk.”

He squeezed my breasts again for emphasis. Then he ducked his head down and began to suck. His fingers dipped their way inside my panties, rubbing my clit. I came on his fingers, gasping while he covered my mouth with his hand. 

Unable to wait, I grabbed his cock with my hands. I jerked him off all over my tits and that’s how our sibling breeding incest began. 

First Time Fucking

Oh, I teased Fred after that. His vacation was a week-long, so I made sure to tease. At least on two occasions he “caught” me sucking huge dildos. After the second time, he cornered me before a family dinner and told me he was going to fuck me proper for teasing him. 

I laughed, but really, I wanted it. I’d been thinking of his cock for a long time, and I wanted to feel his cum deep inside me. So, I wasted no time expressing my true feelings. When our family fell asleep that night, I snuck into his room. I wasn’t about to let Fred be the instigator for sibling breeding incest, not when I wanted it. 

And by this point, I knew guys. If you gave them time to think, they’d stutter about condoms and protection. But once your pussy was on them? They fucked good. 

And that’s what I did. Fred was asleep, but I crawled onto his bed like he had done to me before. I pulled his half-hard cock out of his pants and began to stroke it. Once he grew hard, I opened my legs and sat on him. 

Fred woke up to fucking inside my tight heat. He practically came right away, deep in my womb, but then fucked me four more times before morning came. 

I called it a success. 

Our Current Routine

Not much has changed in our fucking. Fred and I still meet today, every Sunday morning. His wife goes to church, and I come over for Sunday lunch. She just doesn’t know how early I get there. 

Nor does she know Fred will fuck me in their bed. My legs spread wide over Fred’s shoulders. He pushes into me, ready for that sibling breeding incest. He’ll stay inside my pussy until he’s come. His cock drives deep into my pussy, searching out that spot where his seed will take. I match his thrusts, hoping he and I will be successful this time. 

We both orgasm two or three times before we call it a day. He demands I lay with my legs up while he fixes lunch for both me and his wife. One of these days, it’s really going to take, and I couldn’t be more excited. 

Think about all the sibling pregnant incest sex he and I could have then. 

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