Sometimes, when you can’t get cock, you satisfy the urge with sucking huge dildos instead. 

None of my regulars would be surprised at a blog about me sucking huge dildos. They hear me do it on the phone all the time! If you don’t know me, please know I’ve got an oral fetish. I like sucking on anything: fingers, pussy, hard trans cock, hard cis cock, white cock, black cock, reindeer cock, you name it. 

But sometimes I need to suck on a cock, despite other options (ie, my fingers). And despite my best efforts, I don’t have a cock around me all the time. So what’s a girl to do?

The answer: dildos. I spend my time practicing my skills and satisfying my fetish by sucking on my plastic toys. 

My Red Vibe

Despite being a vibe, I don’t use that function when I need to be sucking huge dildos. I don’t need my mouth to be numb from vibrations. Instead, I need it to be numb from deep throating, which is what this vibe is perfect for. It has a tapered length that easily slides down my throat. When I’ve got this vibe inside my throat, I can swallow or suck. And, I can practice using my limited tongue movement to dart along a few veins, pressing against the plastic skin. 

Obviously, I make a mess while practicing. But it’s worth it, I promise! 

There’s one more thing this vibe is great for: practicing boob jobs. Its length allows it to sit comfortably in my tits and move my head up and down. It’s easy to spit and lick the head while I settle it between my boobs. And, it’s soft plastic helps my technique! If I fuck up and the head of the dildo hits the roof of my mouth, neither my mouth nor the dildo are hurt. I get over eager often, so this is a lifesaver. 

The Big Black Dildo

The black dildo is a monster cock. This is more what I picture when I talk about sucking huge dildos. It’s about the width of a coke can and 8 inches. Sadly, I have nearly dislocated my jaw sucking on it, so I can’t use it too often. 

But it’s great, especially for sucking and licking along a shaft. I don’t deep throat this thing. I can’t. Instead, I press kisses along the length, practicing making my tongue stronger for a real cock. I mouth at the head, wide though it may be. My lips play with the realistic slit while my tongue plays along the underside. 

Since it’s too big for sucking, I usually use it as a proper dildo; inside my other holes, stretching me out. But every so often, when I want to work on tonguing technique, I bring this bad boy out. It’s worth a sore tongue and jaw to have my next one-night stand explode over my face from an unexpectedly great blowjob. 

The Gag

And then, I have a gag. It’s black all around, with leather clasps. It clasps around my head like a headband. When I have it on, the cock goes in my mouth. With that black plastic stretching out my mouth, it’s impossible to breathe for air normally. With my gag, I have to suck. There’s no other option. In order to breathe, I have to breathe through my nose.

 Why do I use it? Well, it’s great for deep-throating practice. 

There’s another reason, too. 

With that on, I can use the other two dildos, too. The red vibe goes deep in my pussy, massaging my insides. I set the vibrate setting up high. Next thing I know, my hips are jerking while I keep fucking myself on my vibe, making myself come again and again. 

And then, once I’ve relaxed through orgasm a few times, I put the big black dildo deep into my ass. It pushes in, leaving me full. Usually, I can feel both the dildo and the vibe moving inside me, and I feel incredibly full. Almost too full, if I’m being honest. But I’ll fuck myself, again and again, barely getting enough air with the cock gag inside my mouth, until I come over myself, completely spent.



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Sucking Huge Dildos