Marissa was very much a shy virgin girl, who could barely talk to a guy.

She was pretty stereotypically the shy virgin girl, too. She loved books and bubble tea. Her apartment was filled with plants and flowers, which require no small amount of care in Alaska, even indoors. Her strawberry blonde hair lay flat and unstyled, falling down past her shoulders. And her love of denim skirts and cozy sweaters meant no one ever noticed her bubble butt nor her 28B cups, because they were covered with her shapeless clothes. At least Marissa was comfortable, right? 


It turns out Marissa wanted to have sex. She continued to read romance novel after romance novel about it. She scoured fetlife and literotica for first-time encounters. In fact, she even went back to to read old craigslist m4w ads.

This poor, shy virgin girl wanted sex so badly she was willing to do anything for it. 

Taking Her to the Bar

Well, when Marissa came to me for help, I initially offered my services. After all, my bisexual self loves helping out ladies in need, especially shy virgin girls. Unfortunately, Marissa was very, very straight, and she wanted a man for sure. 

Still, I agreed to help a girl out. After all, I’m a philanthropist at heart. Plus, I would get to hear all the details later. So I instructed this shy virgin girl as best I could. “Be on top,” I told her, informing her that her control helps. “You don’t always bleed,” I added, referring to the myth. “And make sure to do a lot of kissing and foreplay.” 

While I told her all this, I braided her hair into a ponytail, placing natural-looking makeup on her face. (I prefer bolder colors, myself). I had her slide into slim jeans instead of her denim skirt, and a very low-cut v-neck blouse. Since she didn’t want us to be sexy poolside babes, we headed to the bar in necklaces, big hoop earrings, and 2-inch heels. (Marissa tried so hard to walk in four-inch heels, but with no experience, 2 inches was the most she was able to manage!)  For a shy virgin girl, she was very ready to change up her life. 

Picked Up for the Night

So Marissa and I went to the bar, sliding into a booth and eyeing all the men who walked in. I, having slept with most of them, called a few men over one at a time. Guys who I thought might be gentle or understanding, I called over. 

And Marissa ate it up. She worked on flirting, more blushing than anything else. But each guy was patient, letting her practice again and again. A few let me know via text it was a no-go, but you know what? Marissa never knew that, and so her confidence didn’t drop. All the guys were true gentlemen to this shy virgin girl. 

But one guy, Ryan, really got her eye. He slid into the booth across from her and immediately held her wrist. He gave her a big grin and asked her why a shy virgin girl wanted to lose her virginity. 

Her reasons were her own. But from watching her hips shift, I knew the topic made her aroused. By the time she left with Ryan, there was a big wet patch on the booth seat- and her jeans. Someone was getting rode hard tonight and put away wet. 

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