Not all short sex stories are fetishes and kink.

Some are just boring short sex stories about vanilla things. Sometimes, all I want is some good old-fashioned sex, the kind with cuddles afterward. I want to be pampered, you know? I want to make out with my guy on the bed, kissing down his chest and having him push me down and kiss down mine.

His mouth presses on my neck and back, kissing down me as I open my legs. His hard cock nudges against my buttocks, his hands on my breasts and squeezes them. I open my legs and turn my mouth to the left to kiss him, but he only huffs, smiles, and kisses my ear instead.

It’s nice to feel like this. Cherished. Loved. Revered.

He gently flips me over and I follow him, my hands sneaking down his stomach to feel his cock. I can see him grin, shaking his head at me, telling me to be patient. He knows it’s a struggle with me, that I like it nice and hard and fast. But he also knows I’m willing to wait for him tonight, to make love and not fuck our brains out right away.

It doesn’t take much before he’s inside me, and let me tell you, he feels great inside me. Stretches me wide, makes me feel full. Happily, he plays with my clit with his deft fingers while his hips push into me, a slow slide that makes sure I feel every inch of his cock. It’s like a declaration of his love for me, of our devotion to each other. Slow and steady, I feel exposed and vulnerable, and I know he feels the same. But we trust each other here, and it’s maddening.

It doesn’t matter like this if we come together, or if sometimes he comes before I, or vice versa. What matters is that vulnerability, that safe haven we offer each other. What matters is the way we cling to each other, and how we feel.


How’s that for a short sex story? Wanna have some vanilla phone sex of your own?

Elise Sig

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