I’m a huge fan of BDSM, and just anything having to do with sexual fun and improvement and the best thing to do is to shop on Amazon.

I’m telling you the truth so go shop on Amazon. What you don’t have to worry about someone ripping you off or your stuff not coming. I can say that nothing bad has ever happened to me in all the years that I’ve shopped there.

I’ve gotten dildos of all shapes and sizes, which I need for my taboo/fetish phone sex life as well as my nasty personal life. Pocket pussies to jerk guys off with. Let me tell you jerking a guy off with your hand is one thing but when you do it with warming oil (which I get from Amazon too) OMG is that amazing to watch. All of his facial expression and it just milks the cum from him so good.

Whew, I almost lost track of what I was saying. Jerking a guy off or just even watching him on skype makes me squirt so good.  Then there’s the cock rings, titt clamps, chastity cage, ropes, oils of all kinds, butt plugs, throat spray so you ladies can deep throat like a pro and so much freaking more.

As you can tell I ‘m extremely kinky. But who doesn’t love a little kinky love in their life every now and again? What I really like amongst the toys and oils and stuff is the dress up things.  You know how I love dressing sexy for calls. For my sissies, I have them give me their money just so I can pick out sexy things for them on Amazon.

I shop on Amazon for their sissy things and even toys?!

When they get the things they send bunches of pictures but they love showing off on skype. It’s great for those that are into that lifestyle. It’s like an online Walmart but way better.

Get to know one of the best.

If you want to know more about this hot sexy Giana listen to my Soundcloud, read more of my blogs or just calls me. I’m more than sex! You can open up to me in ways you’ve never thought of and cum explosively hard every time.