A lot have questioned the term fetish! What does fetish mean?

In those moments my mouth instantly dropped open in disbelief when people question what does fetish mean. To start, fetish simply put is a sexual desire that one has an abnormality for things like clothes, body parts, objects etc.  Fetishes heighten your sexual experience overall which makes phone sex games with me so freaking exhilarating. Why? See I’m a mild to wild-type of girl who loves to explore the different aspects of any fetish. Like one of my favorites is Cum Fetish!!

We can start by diving into why you like it? We can mentally go back in time to the beginning of your fetish attachment also. This is only if that is where you choose to start in understanding your fetish. Just to have a sexy body on the other end of the phone to listen to each and every tantalizing detail, that will pass no judgment on the subject matter at all.

But for most their sexual wildness unleashes

Only with a sexy woman on the other end of the phone that wants to explore every nook and cranny of your fetish. And I will be right there with you. I am so open to fetishes because I have a few of my own and I always need my daily dose of exploring at least one of them. The best part is having someone to have fun with.

Because the best part of life is the perception you create in your mind which is another huge reason why phone sex games are one of the greatest. It always results in cum explosions that will leave you feeling more than satisfied. What fetish makes the cock ache? Is it something you have to see every day? I bet you sneak away just to give yourself a good cum relief. Fetishes just make sex better overall because traditional sex has gone out of the window.