Have You Ever Given A Naughty Broad An Angry Dragon?

The one thing I will say about an angry dragon is that she might not like it very much, I am certain of it. However, you will absolutely fucking love it. What exactly is an angry dragon you ask? Well, an angry is when someone is giving you incredible head and then without any warning whatsoever, as you’re about to cum you shove your cock so far into that tight wet mouth that your cum spews out of their nostrils.

From what I have been told, orgasms resulting from an angry dragon are second to none. They’re intense, they’re naughty and absolutely taboo. So, I mean if that’s your thing, I would definitely recommend doing this. I’ll never forget in a billion years getting my first iron dragon and I am certain you will never forget giving your first.

About 4 years ago I was dating this guy. Naturally, we fucked all the time. Frankly, I couldn’t get enough of that hard cock. I wanted to fuck it, suck it, lick it and taste it every chance I got. That’s just normal for me anyway, but when you have a REALLY nice cock, then I am going to crave it even more. There’s almost like an ego trip for me when it comes to my sexuality and physical intimacy.

I am definitely a woman who knows how to appreciate a yummy cock!

Suffice to say on one particular occasion, I was sucking his cock and he asked me if I had ever been given an angry dragon. At that particular point in my life, I had not experienced such a thing. So, I very honestly said, “No”. Without skipping he did the obvious. No, he didn’t just give me one, instead, he asked if I’d like to try it. Now, I am a VERY adventurous woman. To say that I love to try all different things is more than an understatement. That being said, I was very curious about this and agreed.

There I was, like the naughty vixen I am, vigorously bobbing up and down on that hard fucker. Slurping and sucking, nonstop until all of a sudden I felt his hands firmly grip up the back of my head. Before I could protest or put up any kind of fight, he was blowing his thick load deeper into my mouth, that I had ever experienced before. Within moments, I realized that he had jabbed the back of my throat so deeply and forcefully that his cum shot right out of my nose.

If you listen to my podcast, Dirty on the Thirty, then you’ll know I was NOT a happy camper. Not to mention I’ll probably never willing participate in that shit ever the fuck again. However, if you’re a dominating kind of guy and you have a nice sub, then I’d highly recommend the angry dragon technique! Maybe you like it rough, maybe your partner does. Regardless, it’s worth a shot! Pun intended. If you want to give it a go, call me and we can test those murky waters together!

Best Phone Sex!