I was at a coffee shop the other week and was enjoying my coffee and a muffin and reading a book when a girl came up to me and said she was reading the same book and wasn’t it a good one? I put it down and agreed it was a very good read, so we started talking about that book and other books in general and some of the same ones we seemed to have both read. We really hit it off and I liked her. She asked me if I’d like to go back to her place with her and discuss things further. I was a bit surprised, and got the idea she was talking about more than just literature here.

She wrote her number on a napkin and gave it to me and told me to give her a call sometime. I knew what she was thinking from the way she looked at me. She was really cute and I’d played with girls before, but not in quite a while. I shoved the napkin in my purse before I left though, something interesting about this one I thought to myself. She was really very sexy.  She had long dark hair , and a very sensual mouth. I have to admit that very night as I had sex with my boyfriend , I found myself fantasizing about the girl with the sexy lips , wondering how she would eat my pussy.


A few days later I was rummaging around in my purse and I noticed the napkin with the number on it. Why not, I said to myself and dialed the number. She answered and once she knew it was me she said she knew I’d call her eventually. I laughed and said oh really. She asked me to come over and have a drink. I agreed. I had a feeling I’d be doing more than just going for a drink, but maybe I wanted more.

I arrived at her condo around twenty minutes later and she greeted me and I came in. She had a bottle of wine and two glasses set out onto he coffee table and we sat down and talked for a good long while. Our conversation drifted towards various erotica writings and lesbian stories and she told me she’d written several lesbian stories and she got one out and started to read one to me. I was getting turned on listening to her talk about such descriptive sexual encounters and I reached over and kissed her and cupped her breast. She kissed me back passionately and her hand wandered under my skirt and reached my pussy. She lightly grazed her fingertips and long nails over my panties and I loved the feeling of being touched over the fabric like that.

She rubbed me that way until I was bucking against her, wanting to feel skin upon skin. She knew she was teasing me and practically made me beg for her to reach her fingers inside of them. She finally did and I was soaking wet. Her fingers dragging my juices up from my cunt opening to my hardened clit which she expertly manipulated until I was bucking against her hand. She circled my clit with the tip of her middle finger until I thought I’d go wild. She kept rubbing it until I came all over her hand, making it very wet and sticky. I lay there panting and caught my breath and then I knelt on the floor in front of her and placed my hands on the backs of her knees and pulled her forward, so her pussy was right at the edge of the couch cushions. I reached up and pulled down her panties and went right for her pussy.

I took the tip of my tongue and traced her cunt lips and they soon opened like a moist flower before me as I lapped my flattened tongue up and down her juicy slit, tasting her sweet juices and sucked on her clit. I took my index and middle fingers and slid them inside of her, slowly moving them in and out of her as I worked my tongue all over her clit. She didn’t take long to cum, she was already pretty turned on from getting me off and I wanted t return the favor. I was glad I’d gone over, I think we are going to be good friends indeed.

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