Sexy vampire role play!

A Sexy vampire looms in the darkness waiting for the opportune moment to strike and pick his willing victim. I was taking a late night stroll in the park, there is never anyone out at this time and I enjoy the silence as I walked along. I could hear crickets chirping and birds in the distance, when I came to a dark patch in the path. There were no birds or crickets chirping in the air still and dead silent. I felt a cold chill slide along my skin giving me goosebumps everywhere. Then I caught a dark figure moving in my peripheral vision, I turned towards the figure and watched as this sexy vampire appeared before me.

I was not afraid of him he was so beautiful, his hair dark brown almost black with deep blue eye they looked darker then any ocean I had ever seen but still light, his eyes looked like magic. He held out his hand to me luring me in with his sexy body and amazing sent. I was drawn to him and I wanted to be his willing victim. We walked for what seemed like forever in comforting silence, We came to an old house out in the middle of nowhere and he leads me inside.

Sexy vampire role play!

His home was beautiful, large drapes covered the window and the sexy vampire called to me “Kylie” how did he know my name? I went to him and he kissed me deeply, I could feel the sharp points of his fangs against my lip and a sharp pain danced across my lip and he came away with crimson staining his mouth. I was so turned on by the sexy vampire I could feel my virgin pussy dripping with need. He took me to his large bed in the darkroom and laid me down pulling off my clothes, He kissed his way down my body till I could feel his pointy fangs scrape against my thigh. He pulled his lips back and bit me drinking my blood, I could feel the warm liquid dripping down my thigh.

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