Role Play Game Of Thrones with me!!!!

Role play Celebrity Game Of Thrones with me. So I am a whore at little fingers brothel my tits hanging out, hoping he’ll pick me. My long flowing hair past my shoulders, My body fit and trim and he sees me eyeing him and I know in his. I walk over to him a little extra sway in my hips as I approach the good-looking blonde man in yellow gold armor. “See something you like My lord?” My hands tracing his golden armor…

He put a finger to my chin tipping it upward so he could look into my eyes. “Your not my sister but you will have to do,” He said looking into my blue eyes and playing with my long golden locks. I grabbed him by the hand and led him to my private quarters when I have a gentleman caller.

Role Play Game Of Thrones with me!!!!

I started to undress his golden plated armor getting to the long johns below. His cock was hard already, my hand traced his massive erection. Then His hand grabbed my hair spinning me around so my ass was pressed against him. His face in my hair I could hear him breathing in my ear. “Call me Jamie” with a push of his hand I was on the bed face down and ass up.

He tugged at my cloth panties the only thing covering my pussy and he slammed his cock inside if me, railing me from behind. “Please, sir Jamie you’re hurting me” I pleaded with him to not fuck me like he was trying to split me in half. That seemed to please him more so he slammed it harder inside me till I cried out with pain and pleasure.

“Lets role play,” He said with lust in his voice. “Be my sister.” He pounded me with his massive cock, his eyes closed thinking about being balls deep inside his sister. So I wonder if he role plays with her too.

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