When going to a sexy swingers party, I make sure everything is just right. 

Preparation for a sexy swingers party includes things like my outfit (easily removable without damage), a bag, lubrication, toys, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, and makeup. I want items that are easy to carry and ensure a good, long time. I attend to make a scene. When I’m at a party, I want to be the center of attention. So of course, my fucking needs to be spot on. 

My legs are shaven, though my bush remains ever immaculately trimmed. Lotion pours over my legs, and I work it into my skin. My arms receive the same treatment, and I lotion up my face, and finally, my breasts. No inch of my skin will be dry.

I go ahead and put on my stockings, crotchless, of course. I don’t mind if they end up a little ripped, either– it happens in these events. Garter, corset, gloves– all of these slip onto my body, black and red. My hair becomes a big bun. When I finish, my face is painted and my clothes look painted on. And, they easily rip off, too. A win-win. 

I go ahead and grab my coat, slip on my heels, and check my bag. I double-check that I have condoms and lube, and two different size dildos. And of course, my strap-on sits hungrily inside the bag, waiting for me to use. 

Some swingers like to be fucked. Whereas, I am in the mood tonight to fuck. Those ravenous asses and pussies are going to stretch at this sexy swingers party. 

At The Party

As I make my way inside the sexy swingers party, I notice several friends. Karen, who has a big, big bust and wide hips, tosses her hair behind her back. Hurriedly, she hangs up her coat and puts her keys in a jar. When she sees me, she winks. “Ready for some fun?” Then, she reaches into her bag. 

“These are the best,” another woman says. Her strap-on is already secure and in place. As for the dildo itself, it sparkles in the light. “For my pretty sissy boy,” she explains. “He got here early to take as much as he can.” 

“A couple!” another woman, Alice, chimes in. “Those are always the sweetest. The subs always go so much longer when their partner is there, watching him.” 

“Better performance, too.” 

We know the rules. Upstairs are for strap-ons only. Around their wrists will be bands of colors. Green means any hole, while pink is pussy, red is anal, and blue is a mouth.  Stripes tell us where we can fuck: a white stripe means any partner. A black stripe means only strap-ons. And a gray stripe means only cocks. If we have on our orange band, we’re there to fuck. I think there are a few more colors for limited partners and those watching, but honestly? I don’t pay attention to those. 

And, while there are a few women around, our hostess is known for her slew of submissive men. 

Quickly, I pop my belt on, and arrange my medium-sized dildo, covering it with a condom. 

Time to find a few asses to pound. 

In The Bedrooms

Sometimes, I wonder about what the men feel when we women are released. They wait on the beds, asses up in the air for our strap-ons. Their cocks are half-hard at the action, some already dripping precum. Surprisingly, some of the men already have o-rings to keep their mouths open, as if they want to power through any exhaustion that might hit them. When we ladies arrive, perfumed and ready to take, sometimes they tremble. Some of them plea for us to come closer. 

If I look at it closely, I think we ladies are like locusts. Ravenously we take and take and take until we’re satisfied. These men exist for us to use. 

I find one man in the corner. His band is red, with a black stripe. Strap-ons only. Plus, he’s blindfolded, ass raised. So far, everyone has ignored him. Most of the girls want to double-team the men with their strap-ons. That way, one girl can push the guy onto the other girl’s dildo. For example, one champ is getting fucked by three dildos a few feet away from me- two in his ass and one in his mouth.

But if a man’s mouth is busy, I don’t get to hear him cry out. For me, those sounds are very lovely. So, I swing my hips and make my way to him, letting him hear the cries of the men behind us. My hand trails down his back to let him know I’m there. My strap-on slides between his buttcheeks, tip pressing against his hole. 

I speak for the first time at this sexy swingers party.

“How rough can you take it, lovely?” 


If you want to be my bitch, you’d better call! Not only me; set up a party with the other phone sex girls!

sexy swingers party