Callie and Susan wanted a pretty sissy boy to play with.

Granted, they decided they wanted a pretty sissy boy after hearing some of my stories about wrapping men around my finger. They’d had no experience in playing with men before, nor dominating them. So they wanted me to help them out, and I agreed. 

We discussed what we would do to him. First, Callie wanted to push him into makeup. At the same time, Susan wanted to put him into cute little panties. As both girls discussed what else we might have him do, I mentally went over a list of weak, sissy-men I knew whom I could get to join us. 

Finally, when Callie and Susan had stopped arguing, I offered up Trevor’s name. 

Choosing Trevor

“Look, he’s shy. He’s been staring at my boobs the whole time in Chem,” I told them, showing them a photo. “I don’t think he’d take to any other men, but he’s really nothing more than a worthless cum slut. We could use him and abuse him and he’d thank us for the privilege.” 

Both of them agreed to trap Trevor. Before long, we had the perfect opportunity: Trevor would be going home from a band audition late one night. We all piled inside my car, ready to grab him as he walked home on the sidewalk. 

I know it sounds sketchy. I know it’s a classic kidnapping scenario. But we ladies were horny and sleepy, with a little bit of giddy mixed in, ramping each other up with ideas. So when it came to Trevor, we didn’t think about how dangerous it could be that we’d pull up to the side of the road. Instead, we just did. My SUV pulled up, we opened the rear driver side door, and Callie and Susan pulled Trevor into the car. 

As soon as the door shut, I took off, while Trevor was launched forward into Callie’s boobs. 

“Is this real?” I heard him ask. 

As an answer, Callie shoved him into her boobs to get him to stop speaking. “What do you think, little bitch?”

Trevor whimpered. Susan only laughed as she began to handcuff his hands behind his back. “Welcome to being our bitch, sissy-slut.”

Dressing him up

Trevor was far more eager for us than he let on, given the giant hardon pressing against his jeans. Callie joked about his big clit and how she couldn’t wait to put him in makeup. At that, Trevor just blushed, and Susan argued again for her lacy panties first. A pretty sissy boy, she argued, 

But, when it was all said and done, Trevor stood in the middle of our apartment, handcuffed. I grinned and threw down his pants, holding him still as Susan slipped up panties onto him. “They’re just his color,” she cooed. 

Callie put all sorts of gaudy makeup on him; blue eyeshadow, pink lip stain to match his red cheeks. By the time she was done, we had a tied-up sissy slut in a maid outfit. He nearly wept as we laughed at him, but honestly? The hard cock standing out and staining his panties told us all the real story. 

Making him our bitch

Trevor pranced around and cleaned as we commanded. We made him do all of our chores. If he didn’t move to our liking, one of us would slide up behind him and slap his ass. 

But as most bratty girls are, Susan wasn’t satisfied just with that. “I have something else for him to clean,” she said and opened her legs on the sofa. “Elise, go get your toy.” She winked at me, and I laughed. Callie helped push Trevor into her lap, bending him over and slapping his ass.

When I came back, strapon harness on my waist, Trevor’s face and makeup was a mess. Callie ground her hips into his face, smearing his makeup over her pussy and his face. I didn’t wait to ask if I could push into him. Instead, I just shoved my dildo straight inside him, laughing as he whined at the intrusion into his insides. 

“A pretty sissy boy bitch for us to play with,” Susan laughed. And we played with him all night until he creamed in his panties again and again until his hole was stretched and gaping, and until his voice was hoarse from crying out.

Sound up your alley, sissy boy? Then call for some humiliation phone sex, and let’s get you dolled up!! 

pretty sissy boy