Sexy stuffed animals:  one kink I didn’t get into myself into, actually.

I had a friend who had dozens of stuffed animals, and I thought nothing of it, even if she sometimes called them sexy stuffed animals. I found out when she invited me to her house to watch a movie from a well-known cartoon company. Look, I do a lot of weird things (a story about objects inserted into vaginas comes to mind), so I didn’t think anything of her calling them sexy. 

I showed up a little early with my triple sec, tequila and margarita mix, and opened her door with the key I had of hers. I heard a little music, but nothing too much, so I went and began to mix the margaritas together. Next, I was just about to open the freezer for ice cubes, when I picked up moaning and groaning from the other room. As she and I would often play, I wasn’t too surprised at what I heard. So I snuck into her hallway and opened her door to see what she was doing.

What She Was Doing

Whatever I had been expecting, it did not involve her plush teddy bear. The thing was big, about three feet tall, and took up a big deal of her bed. I’d thought if she’d fucked with it at all, she’d throw a strap-on the fuzzy belly and ride Mr. Bear that way. But instead, she was rutting up and down on its face, an illusion of it eating her out. She gasped as the cold button-nose rubbed against her pussy again and again. Although she was the one rubbing herself up and down, there was an illusion of the bear sniffing her pussy, eating her out.

I knocked on the door. Startled, she sat up, but I shook my head and motioned for her to keep going. “Elise,” she whined, and I crawled onto the bed, kissing her for a moment before I took off her shirt, freeing up those tits.

“Come on,” I encouraged her. “Let me see Mr. Bear making you cum.” I squeezed her tits, feeling her body shudder underneath me. My mouth inhaled her scent, a warm vanilla sugar scent from lotion, before I kissed her neck, sucking a hickey into the spot. She never stopped rocking on the bear, her body spasming as she came all over her bear’s mouth. I kissed her through it, my fingers curiously stroking through the somewhat firm, yet soft fur. Sexy stuffed animals, indeed. 

Trying for Myself

“Okay, now, spread your pussy out,” she instructed me. She still sat on Mr. Bear’s face, but she was willing to let me try a leg. So I lowered myself down on the leg, the fur tickling my pussy. It had a little give, but no more than a little belly fat might. And as I gave an experimental grind, the softness and fur began to move against my pussy. The feeling went from ticklish, to weird, to a little good. It reminded me of safety, a little bit, of the toys I had growing up.

“That’s it,” she whispered to me and kissed me this time. “Come all over Mr. Bear,” she instructed. “Speed up a little.”

I whined and kept rutting, feeling like a mindless animal for a moment, getting her bear all wet. She kept whispering in my ear, pinching my nipples. The sensation was too new, and I too worked up to last long. In the end, I came quickly over Mr. Bear’s leg, his fur wet underneath my pussy.

“Margaritas?” she suggested, and I laughed.

“Only if Mr. Bear gets one, too.”


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