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As you read in Part 1 – Daddy and my brother caught Casey and I playing one night. After many long fucking session, we would always rub our cum filled pussies together. Major yummy creampie pussies rubbing together over and over.  Both daddy and my brother would watch us for hours.  They couldn’t get enough of us and always wanted more.

Just like Casey’s boyfriend Lex, he couldn’t get enough of our Sexy scissor sisters activity. Before long touching led to licking and licking led to pussy fucking.   Sometimes there would be some sexy hot strap-on play!  We couldn’t help ourselves once we got started  I couldn’t get enough of her and Lex couldn’t get enough of watching us.

Until he finally joined in on the Sexy scissor sisters fun. My nipples perked up as soon as Lex’s body touched my body. I wanted him. My bald wet pussy quivered with the touch of his big black cock against my body. Tasting Casey’s sweet cream on my fingers made my whole body shiver with excitement.

My pussy was getting extremely wet, as he forced his fingers deep inside of me.  “Let’s get down to business,” he whispered as he flipped me on my hands and knees and spread my pussy wide open. First teasing my clit with the head of his cock.  Soon all eleven inches of his man meat disappeared in my snatch.  I buried my face deep inside Casey’s drenched pussy, as Lex gave me a pounding I would never forget. This was just the beginning of a Sexy Scissor Sister weekend turned threesome galore.

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