When you’re a slut, you realize every moment is a potential sex moment, and that includes when you’re a sexy patient with a doctor around.

Of course I’m a sexy no matter what I do; cosplaying, I’m having sweet handmaid’s tale sex, driving, I’m a sexy driver about to pull over and give a jaywalker head, and medically, I’m a sexy patient with a doctor and I’m about to go crazy with hormones.

The Appointment

When I stepped into the examination room, I noticed it felt colder than usual.  I removed all of my clothes as they instructed and folded them up on a chair. The fabric of the cloth was rough against my skin and barely held any body heat. Still, I moved onto the examination table, waiting for the doctor to show.

It didn’t take too long- soon heavy footsteps turned into the sound of a door opening. “Elise?” My doctor asked, extending his hand. “I’m your doctor.”

“Elise.” I shook his hand.

“Just a general pap smear, and an STI checkup? Anything you want to look for in particular?” He patted the stirrups. I raised my feet into them, feeling the cold air against my pussy.

“Trim. Nice.”

Most doctors don’t comment on my pussy, but I wasn’t sure if I should say something back or not. I chose to ignore it. “No. Just getting a new partner.”

“Hmm.” Warm fingers made their way inside my pussy, and I felt a familiar stretch. “I see. Well, I’ll take a few samples, then.” He reached over for something, which was cold when applied to my pussy. Honestly, it felt like lube.

About then, I recognized the heat in my gut for what it was. The doctor didn’t say anything about it, luckily, but he did press something cold inside me- a speculum, something designed to open up my walls.

Getting Aroused

My face was red. I couldn’t bear to admit how much I liked it. I mean, it was so unprofessional. Sure I was a sexy patient with a doctor, but I didn’t have to be wanting sex with the doctor? 

But I did want. I wanted very much to have sex right then and there.

“Very responsive,” my doctor commented, a q-tip swab in his hands now. He placed it inside, hitting the inside of my cervix. My pussy could barely feel the minute pressure, but the specula stretched a little wider, and suddenly something warm was making its way inside my pussy again.

Additionally, a finger began to rub its way across my clit.

“Vagina discharge normal,” my doctor told me, smiling at me as if nothing was wrong. I bit my lip, trying not to show how much I liked it. For once, I was trying not to be a slut.

But that’s really not possible for me, as most of you know.

“Even your nipples show signs of arousal.” He pulled the specula out, sighing. “Well, Elise, I can’t leave you in this position. If you don’t take care of all that arousal buildup, you’ll probably go fuck the next man you see, won’t you?”

I didn’t say anything back. It was true. Instead, I moaned, opening my legs wider. His eyes darkened, his pupils widened, and he smirked. His lizard brain understood what my animal instincts were asking as I put my pussy on display for him.

“Luckily, I’ve got your remedy right here.” The sound of a zipper hit my ears, and then I was finally full of something warm.


Maybe you have a tool you could use to help calm me down?

Then please call me for some remedial phone sex!

sexy patient with a doctor