Handmaid’s Tale Sex is something I kinda want to do.

Look, I know the Handmaid’s Tale isn’t about sex; Atwood didn’t write Handmaid’s Tale sex scenes for her book to be an erotic novel. She wrote the book about a dystopia, to point out how women don’t control their own bodies. I get it. But you should know by now I have an impregnation fetish, and certainly watching those handmaidens got my pussy wet.

But somehow, when watching the Hulu version, my pussy began to quiver. I wanted to be Offred. It’s the switch in me, being submissive. I wanted to have a woman force me on my back, to look down on me while a man bred my pussy.

Still, I crave being bred that way.

I want someone to hold me down, onto my arms while my legs are spread apart. The man will open my legs and say a prayer before he slams himself into my pussy. Any move I make will be kept still by the wife.

He’ll plunge into my wet, open pussy, again and again, probably so deep he’ll hit all those spots inside me. He’ll come deep inside my womb, spurting his seed against my fertile walls, hoping for a baby to burrow itself into me. Although in the show it happens once, I’m picturing the leader of the house coming inside me again and again, all while I’m stuck and forced to take his cum. There’s so much, it leaks out of my pussy, and he jams it back in, determined to make it stick.

Maybe they’ll tie me up, right? Keep my legs up in the air while it takes. I’ll be forced to lay on that bed for hours, my belly full of cum. I won’t be able to move whatsoever, stuck, the chances of me having a baby increasing every second.

That’s the sort of kink that gets me going.


Got any unusual kinks from movies of your own?

Why not call to act out those scenes in during phone sex?


Handmaid's Tale Sex