A client and I were talking about impregnation fetish the other day, and I wanted to share one of my bucket list dreams with you all.

You know what would be a fun, once in a lifetime, impregnation fetish-event? A lottery.

Not the normal sort of lottery. A breeding lottery. It works like this: you’d be going down the street and see a sign that says “Fundraiser for College. Lottery. $100 Per Play.” And you, curious and charitable person that you are, go inside the shop to get a look. There’s someone at the table selling tickets. She smiles at you.

“Elise and I are earning money for college,” she says. Then she smiles at you. “Today’s Elise’s turn.”

You look to see where she’s pointing, and you see me, all tied up to a breeding bench. My long hair cascades down the front, and I’ve got a blindfold on along with a gag. “One orgasm is one ticket. If you get knock her up, you win.”

You take a closer look and notice both my pussy and my ass are slick with cum, probably not my own. “Any hole you chose,” the ticket lady says. You wait for a moment, but then you pull out your wallet.

Three tickets.

My pussy is sloppy and wet and loose, but that doesn’t deter you whatsoever. Instead, it makes you more determined. It’s your seed that’s going to be inside of me. You’re going to be the one to win. You slide your finger inside me, shoving all that other cum to the ground, feeling my soft insides.

Then, your cock slips in. It’s so wet and warm, where all these other men have fucked me before. But you’ve got loads of cum stored up in your balls- enough for three loads worth- and you’re going to win this lottery. My pussy convulses around your cock, spasming as you fuck so much other cum into me. When you feel me come, you drive your cock deep into me, sending your seed deep into my womb, demanding that it take.

And we’re not done, are we? No. You still have two more tickets to use…



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