I mean, someone has to have a sexy next door college neighbor, because they’re neighbors with me!

So imagine with me that I’m your sexy next door college neighbor. I moved in a couple days ago. It’s obvious from the “Big Dicks Move Worlds” moving truck that pulled up in the driveway. I’m clearly renting from the nice little old lady who used to live there. When you looked out the window, you’ve seen me hop in my truck sometimes, hauling something. A day in and a bunch of guys show up at random times. For a moment, “sexy cheating sluts” shows up in your Google search. But then, given how these guys and I pal around, they’re probably my brothers. This is only confirmed when I wave them goodbye the third night they’re around and I shout, “Tell Mom not to worry!”

Ok, so there’s a hot neighbor next door. No big deal. She’s young, she’s cute, and she forgets to close her curtains when she’s bathing, changing, or just existing.

Sometimes I get a big dildo and stuff it into my pussy, all over the house. You, sexy neighbor, get to watch all of it. You’re forever aroused, aware I exist, and maybe even placing cameras in your windows to catch me during times I’m home but you’re at work.

I mean, if I’m showing it off, you might as well enjoy it, right?

The Meeting

One day, I show up at your door. You answer, surprised that I’m there. But I don’t seem to notice. I’m dressed in shorts and a white t-shirt, which is soaked through.

“Your sprinklers got me,” I joke, adjusting my shirt like I’m trying not to show you my nipples through the see-through fabric. “I brought you cookies as a welcome gift”. Those, at least are safe, warm and tucked into a cute little basket. I’m good at crafty things.


I look up, surprised. “I don’t have any,” I state, my boobs jiggling just slightly. “But if you have some inside…” I paused, and hand you the basket. Though I make my way past you, you lead me to where the fridge is.

I bend over when I open the fridge, far more than necessary. The cold air makes my nipples stand out in my wet shirt, but you’re not looking at that, are you? No. You’ve seen me bend over this way again and again, and you know exactly what my pussy looks like. It’s so easy to take a step behind me. You reach out, and can feel the folds- I tense, but then sigh.

“You need to cum too, huh?” I ask, and shut the fridge.


It’s easy to wonder how I ended up on your bed, sucking your cock. Our clothes are gone, and I suck you with hollowed-out cheeks. My tits bounce around your cock, and finally, that pussy is right up close and personal. It’s dripping wet, too. There’s no doubt that I want this just as much as your cock does.

And it slides in so nicely, doesn’t it? It’s so tight and warm inside me. My pussy grips you tightly, sucking you in. You lean up to bite my shoulder, sucking on my neck- I smell so good, young, slightly wet. It’s enticing to fuck up inside me again and again. Each time you bottom out, my body goes taut against you. Moans escape from my throat as you force me to come all over your cock.

Oh man. If you ever thought you’d be fucking your sexy next door college neighbor, you would have introduced yourself sooner.

Want to have some ageplay phone sex? Then you should call me, and use me!

sexy next door college neighbor