Sexy cheating sluts were never ranks I thought I’d join.

But it turns out, yes, I’ve become one of those sexy cheating sluts. I mean, I’ve fantasized about being a cuckold wife before, but I didn’t expect to go down that path.

I’ve got a boyfriend now, and he’s very sweet. He makes me dinner, kisses me good morning, and rubs my feet. The only issue is sexually, we’re not compatible. I mean, I want to have sex all the time- as my callers know, I’m a horny bitch! He’s more into having sex once or twice a week.

I had to be honest.  He’s sweet. He’s cute. It’s just, honestly, I need more. Sometimes I need that fire-hot passion that comes with having sex all the time. Roses and chocolates are great, but at times he and I can’t talk for hours, nor can he keep up with me.

So, I started looking for validation elsewhere. I needed others to satisfy what my pussy craves. Signing up for other dating sites under different names or trying to use what’s left of the craigslist personals for anonymity became my sudden hidden interests. It wasn’t like I didn’t like my boyfriend, but rather, I just needed someone else.

Then T came into the picture.

Texting T

It’s a relief to tell you all this, but my relief is I’m glad to share what a hit T was. He texted me on one of the more famous for cheating websites, and he and I began to use KIK.

He started with teasing me about my boobs, and all about sucking on his dick, or opening up my pussy for him.

Finally, I reached my breaking point. “Want to suck on something, OMG,” I texted him one day. “Like, what sort of dude says no to a bj?” I flopped back on my sofa, aware of my boyfriend leaving to go get groceries.

“Bye, sweetie,” he told me, and I kissed him goodbye. My phone vibrated in my pocket, and as soon as my boyfriend shut the door, I had my phone out.

“Wanna come over?” I texted back and lifted up my shirt to send a photo of my boobs.

A dozen tongue emojis flooded my texts in response.  I felt a giddy thrill as I realized I had become one of those sexy cheating sluts. 

The Visitor

When the knock on my apartment door came, I opened it. Immediately stood T, the guy I’d been texting on the other side. He smirked and I closed the door behind him, locking it.

That was the passion I’d been looking for. He and I immediately mashed our mouths together while we scrambled to get undressed. The passion and heat I’d been missing from my boyfriend flared to life, with another, sharper thrill of doing something naughty and forbidden.

We pressed ourselves against each other, and finally to the bed. I tossed my panties onto his face, opening my legs. His eyes wide, he nodded and crawled towards me on the bed, shedding his pants as well.

His dick was just as good in real life as in the picture.

Want the end of the story? Or, want to cheat with me?

Then call for steamy, passionate cheating phone sex!

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