I have some great friends, but others are like my cuckold wife friend: naughty, naughty, naughty.

Cuckold Wife is only different from Cheating Wife because she always wants her husband to catch her in the act. Her favorite game is to go out on the town and bring home a guy, having him make out with her in the bedroom window. This ensures her husband will see her when he comes home.

Cuckold Wife has incredible spirit, and I don’t know that I could do the same. Do I love being naughty and cheating, but making sure my boyfriend find out? She’s so confident. By the time her husband arrives, there’s another car in the driveway. He looks up to see her kissing another man, and I bet his face is red. She leaves the lights on with her lover to make sure her husband can see, too.

When the door opens to their home, Cuckold Wife tells me she loves to get loud and encourages her lover to be even louder. Oral usually starts for them then, and she makes sure there’s a trail of clothes to the bedroom her husband can find. She says she loves it when he watches from the doorway.

His skin is red and blotchy and he looks like he’s been crying.

That gets her wetter than anything. She’s usually being fucked by a guy who fucks her ten times better than her husband, but what really gets her going is his red face, knowing his place in their relationship. He’s beneath her. She’s the queen, and that’s all that matters in their relationship. She gets who she wants when she wants, and he, the beta male, only gets whatever she dishes out.

It’s not all bad, she assures me. Her husband is allowed to clean her out. And given by the erection in his pants, he loves his new position.

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