Sexy mistress fucks hard! Anal pounding gave right!

sexy mistress fucks hard! Anal pounding gave right! I just love me a sissy boy! The more pathetic the better! I want you to imagine that I would actually give your pathetic ass the time of day… I want you to think about how badly you want to please me! What would it take to make your mistress happy?!? So I want to show you that you are my pathetic baby dick bitch! Your only job is to worship my body like I am a goddess… So I mean let’s face it… I am probably the hottest chick you could get to pay remotely any attention to you!

I want to see you on your knees worshiping me. Kiss me from toe to ass and that is as far as I will allow you to touch me! While you are on your knees looking up at me with those big and pleading eyes… Beg me to fuck you! Beg as if you have never wanted anything more in your life then for me to fuck you with my strap on! Because I am such a kind mistress… I accept and tell you to open your mouth wide.

sexy mistress fucks hard! Anal pounding gave right!

Watching your mouth working up and down my cock makes me wet. I love hearing the sound of you gagging on me! You’re so pathetic you can’t even suck a cock right! So I will Slap you in the face with my massive dong! Just to add insult to injury! You are so eager to please me. The enthusiasm you show sucking me off… Makes me want to drive my cock into you even sooner! So Lay with your stomach to the bed! Place your hands flat on the top and spread your legs apart. Admiring that you just do what I say… So Pull your cheeks apart!! I want to see what I will be making gape open!

In my imagination… So You look back at me, hands pulling your ass cheeks apart. Looking at me with pleadingly needy eyes and begging me again… Please fuck me! Putting my hand in the center of your back I caress you all the way down to your ass cheeks. So I give you a little spank on that as and slide my cock between your cheeks like a hot dog in a bun! I love the feeling of you shuttering beneath me! It’s like your body wants me inside of you… So I slowly rub my cock back and forth between your cheeks. Barley rimming your hole with my head. I can see you getting more excited and that is when I decided to push it inside of you!

Sexy mistress fucks hard! Anal pounding gave right!

Grabbing a fist full of your hair I start to move slowly into you. Working inch by inch inside of you. I love watching you wince as I bottom out inside of you! Now I am going to fuck you till your dick is soft and your ass is raw! So Come have some wicked hot humiliation phone sex with me! So If you thought this was hot check out my Cuckold BBC Fantasy!

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