A sexy lawyer who can’t resist her client..

A sexy lawyer has many trials and tribulations to overcome in the field.. One of the big ones being all the sexy men around you! I have a very big problem with bad boys, I can’t resist them. I’m not even kidding, my fuckbuddy has like 4 felonies.. But a girl can keep her distance from all the illegal bullshit and still advance. Everything was going very smoothly until I met this new client.. This 6’5″ black guy, green eyes, and god damn is that boy fit. If you’re in the same room with him, you can’t help your eyes from wandering down to the bulge in his pants, even when he’s not excited. The small problem with this client is that he’s in jail, so I don’t get much privacy, but I love showing off for him. I guess with the way I dress, I can’t help but get him riled up. I don’t reveal everything, but I favor those curve-hugging skirts and tops, just enough to keep him guessing, and just enough to reveal what he might find underneath.

So the last time I got to see him, I went a few steps ahead of the game, making sure the guards were paid off and no one would stop by the windows or viewing rooms at all, not even to peek and see if everything was alright. And once he was let loose in the room, I went all out with the flirting. I sat right on the edge of the table, legs crossed as I reached down to put my hand on his chin, leaning down just close enough to kiss him. He took the bait, having been blueballed by me too many times to count before. With my little wink, he knew I’d handled it all, no one was watching, and he could do anything..which is why they’d taken the cuffs and shackles off.

He lost his mind. Hands on my hips, he ravenously kissed my neck and stripped everything off. I could feel the bulge in his pants growing, rubbing up against me. He pulled me off the table and spun me around, pulling my tight-fitting skirt off and taking a second to gaze at the lingerie. The more he made me wait, the more I craved it. His big, black cock was inches from me, and he was having too much fun looking at all the positions he could get his sexy lawyer into.. This would be a story he’d be telling all the guys, and no one would believe. But at the end of the day, he got to know he was one of the lucky ones that got to undress, fuck, and cum inside a sexy lawyer.. a fantasy very few guys will ever get to play out. 😉

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