Sexy Girlfriend Travel is the best way to go everytime.

As you know by now I just adore going on trips with you. When the opportunity came up for me to Sexy Girlfriend Travel to Vegas with you I was in. The who’s who of elite money bags were all going to be there and you would be the hottest high roller of all. The best date I could have asked for, so sexy and dressed oh so dapper.  

My love comes in many positions and with many accessories, but when we get out-of-town and roll into Vegas the GFE Phone Sex becomes out of the box explosive. You know how I love to explore all the sides of my personality, but Vegas is a whole other world baby. I brought my A-Game on this trip, and your cock is going to need a vacation from this vacation for sure. Even on the plane, I can’t keep my Sexy Girlfriend Travel hands off your dick. Sneaking in rubdowns when the flight attendant isn’t looking. Your massive hard-on makes me want to bounce on your lap and fuck you before we land. Let’s hop in the bathroom together and get a jump-start on this trip baby.

After a hot quicky, we straighten out and fly right.

On our way to sin city to get wild and loose. After we check-in I slip away into the bathroom and into the first sexy little thing I brought to tempt you with. Sensual Seduction is always a part of my plan. I know you want to hit the tables but you’re going to hit this tight pussy first. Sexy Girlfriend Travel has only just begun and your cock is tonsil deep in my throat. Looking up into your eyes makes it very clear as I swallow your dick whole how much I adore you. My soft lace black panties with that little criss-cross threading detail over my ass gives you the perfect visual.

Making you fill my face with that cum I’ve been craving and Cock Sucking like a pro. Now pick me up, bend me over the bed, and break the bank. After a hot, steamy Sexy Girlfriend Travel shower I get all fixed up in my new red cocktail dress ready to take this town by storm. Making out in the elevator just keeps my pussy ready for anything. Let’s make some money and spread it across our great big bed. Make me scream “Your King” while you fuck me over every Benjamin. 

The time I put into this magical night was sure to pay off in more than just dollars and cents.

With the way my tiny black panties ride up my tight ass, it was a very safe bet that I was going to get fucked good and hard. The day finally came and everything was in full swing so to speak. The casino was complete with shine and luster, lights blinking and hot tall leggy sluts everywhere. The gamblers poured in through double doors with big smiles and deep pockets. The music was perfect, and all who were there had a grind just aching to get out. I walked up to the roulette table and put my chips on red. “Black”! A voice yelled and it was you.

I love playing every angle with you. We get a big payoff no matter what when we’re together. That was when the night got underway. This was the biggest poker tournament I had ever been a part of. Even with all this excitement I couldn’t wait to have you. Having such focus on you I’m even sure exactly where my tiny black panties ended up. When I looked up all I could see was your smile. Your eyes looking back at me made me tingle all over.

You walked towards me and hooked my waist taking me from my body’s loneliness. Up and onto that soft sexy bed you climbed on me to give me that deep dick. Wrapped so tight around me your strong arms bring me in. My pussy squeezes you so tight and strokes your from inside. I love you baby and all the ways you make me feel and cum. You’re completely amazing in every way.