Your Hot Anal Girlfriend has some dirty needs tonight.

Anal Sex is Taboo, right? Well, I wonder why it’s so hot every time I have it if it’s supposed to be so bad. I love the way your Hot Anal Girlfriend gets that little asshole stretched around your cock. I love the perfect mixture of pain and pleasure while you continue to glide in and pull out of my lubed up, wet ass with your fat mushroom head getting sucked back in at the last second for another deep thrust.

Yes, ass fucking is one of my favorite things to do in bed, and baby, your cock is the right one for the job. So spank me with that long thick dick and make me beg for you to stick it inside. My tight little ass want’s your mega dose of attention to detail. The way you peel my bottom back and watch each stroke in and each stroke out of your cock sliding into me, then the way my skin opens up and rolls back a bit when you pull back makes me go wild.

I can hear your breathing and moans change when you see this and that turns me on to no end.

Baby, I just want to Fetish fuck you night and day, making you sweat, making you tilt your head back and shout out my name. You will yell at the top of your lungs when you see what a filthy little girl I truly am. I’m ready to get dirty Daddy. Now bend me the fuck over and bust me wide open. GFE Phone Sex isn’t always soft and pretty. We both know that we like it rough and raw too.

Maybe I’m not so nice after all. Maybe the truth is I’m a naughty girl who’s really good at being bad. I get how taboo it is for women to admit loving anal phone sex, but I’m a nasty kinda, girl. Being your Hot Anal Girlfriend makes me feel really sexy while being your nasty girl who likes it in the ass. How do you do phone sex when anal is all you want?

You look down into my eyes while my legs are up in the air.

I want you to grip my ankles while you rub the tip of your cock against my asshole getting it nice and wet. Before you begin to push inside of my tight little hole I need you to slip into my sweet little pussy first. Hot Anal Girlfriend is the best when it’s slippery and wet. Get your cock soaked with my pussy and then pull out.

Now that your cock is dripping, press that fat throbbing head to my hungry ass again. This time push just enough to make me moan and my butt to open up to take you in. I love it when you give me that hot Big Cock nice and slow to start. You can feel my little hole slowly opening to take you inside. I feel wet and tight wrapping around your dick preparing for that Ass Fucking I need.

Push into me deep now and let me feel just how big you are. Grip my hips and pull me onto you. Push all the way inside of my body and feel me clinch down squeezing you hard. You turn me on so bad baby. Now I want you to really pound me until we both cum. I really hope you loved my blog about what I imagine during an anal phone sex call. Tell me, what’s your ideal hot phone sex call look like?

Reaching out to grab this juicy ass gets your dick hard without fail.

Hot Anal Girlfriend is the promise of a nasty kind of intimacy that we both love. Throbbing for my thick cheeks to squeeze that cock between them. Teasing and giggling as I pop my ass up and down before you enter. Getting you so worked up you just break and pull me onto you. Slowly pushing in past the small opening soaking with desire. Begging you to take me and make this booty all yours.

Slide inside of me baby and tell me in my ear how good I feel. Clinching you hard and looking back into your eyes a naughty smile appears across my lips. My stare let’s you know how much I love having your dick travel inch by inch deeper into me. Tell me it’s all your fat butt that you’re fucking. I want to hear you claim it. Making me your cocks prize turns me on.

Pushing back on you I hear you say I’m your naughty girl.

Loving how incredible we move together our pace increases for this ass fucking fun. Penetrating me deep now I feel your balls slap against my pussy. They swing and hit making that crazy hot slapping sound inspiring me to work even harder. Arching my back I earn that load building and bubbling up inside your balls. That load is mine, just like my ass is yours. This is no role play, but us giving our bodies to each other just comes natural and feels so good.