Seductive Girlfriend Serves up yummy pussy nice and slow.

This Seductive Girlfriend indulges in every slow-moving moment I have your attention. Your value grows beyond your awareness and you become witness to your greatness. I want only for you to know how amazing your touch feels against my skin. I want to make you feel these tingles throughout your body just like I do. As I walk slowly over to you and drag each heel behind my body edging closer and closer to the bulge in your pants, I lick my lips.

Your mouth and cock are all that is on my mind. The outline of that big dick is so obvious and I begin to stroke my body, teasing and tormenting you with each sway. The Seductive Girlfriend in me loves this back and forth, this dance we do brings my wetness to a boil. Baby, come to me. Grab my body and show me how badly you want every soft curve of mine. I have very loving, lustful urge pulsing through my pussy just how I want you throbbing in me.

I need you, baby, I need every inch of you.

Watch as I twist and turn, walking toward the bedroom. You follow as I knew you would, and when you reach my bed I slither around your body. The animal in me has been released. You will soon feel my ragging carnal instincts take over and your heart and soul will belong to me. I will consume you just as I hoped because this desire is strong. The Seductive Girlfriend you never knew existed has come to life, and now you will come to me.

Being a Seductive Girlfriend is a real art form for this artistic sexual creature. I love using my femininity and my sex drive to play and get what I want. Don’t let your mind wander to the material items of the world. I only use my intellect to achieve those things. Well, I guess I am guilty of batting an eyelash or two in business, but let’s say for the most part my brain is sexy enough to gain financial freedom.

What I wanted to express is how much I love working my curves and running my fingertips up my ribs.

Up to the sides of my breasts to my shoulders and neck until I am running through my hair for you to want to smell. I want to talk about my ability to seduce you into doing anything I want in and out of the bedroom. Lucky for you I believe in the theory of “With great power comes great responsibility.” You will be mesmerized by my power, just you wait.

I will start by showing you just the right amount of skin. You know those little peeks in strategic places that make you want me so much more. Especially across my lower stomach. You can see my soft flesh and picture licking it, and coming on it. I stroke my stomach for you a little too, pulling up my shirt just a touch walking toward you with my eyes locked on yours. You see how hungry I am for you through my eyes.

The lust builds within my core once I reach you and press against you.

The slow, sexy, slow process of seduction had just begun because teasing needs time. I would love to take this further. Call me and find out my next move. Trust me, I want it too. I make sure that your mind never wanders far without my Kinky Phone Sex abilities coming along for the ride. The attention I give you is intoxicating because no other girl has ever given you the lust and love you desire while honoring the space to be yourself and live your life fully.

This is what you want, this is what you need. Come home to me after I have driven you crazy with slutty snatch shots and lick the Pussy you have been so hard for. I have the sweetest tasty pussy for you baby. All smooth and soft ready to take every bit of your tongue and beg for that fat cock you have waiting to feed me. I want all of it lover. Show me your nice guy, but also those dark hidden places where your secrets are tucked away.

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