I love some good old fashioned sexy fear to get off to.

Few things in life are better than the sexy fear of a little sub girl in anticipation. I love edging a girl into a mess of sexy fear. A fun power exchange role play can serve as the perfect means for sexy fear. Fear of pain and fear of punishment. The anticipation of a strike can elicit fear.  The relinquishing of control allows for fear of the unknown to creep in. When facilitated in a safe and trusting environment, the fear of exposure, humiliation, and vulnerability can be quite exciting. For me, there is something particularly sexy about fear. A fun bout of facilitated fear. It gets the heart racing and the blood pumping. It makes every sensation feel heightened.

It also requires immense trust and focuses on both ends of the power play. There is something deeply connective and vulnerable about making someone feel fear and letting someone frighten you. I like to stare my prey dead in the eyes and lock minds with them. Then, I like to say the perfect cocktail of frightening words. Displays of my ownership. Displays of their weakness. I am a true sadist at heart. I am tiny, so I look sugar sweet and blameless all the time. Coming into my own sexually in college, I have slowly come to love this as my brand. Ninety pounds of aggression and twisted as fuck. Who would have known that the smallest girl in class was simultaneously the most wicked?

And I love me some sweet, sweet torture.

I have acquired many tools along the way. Tools that inflict fear and pain. What once started as a little sex drawer of toys has turned into two large racks of a full collection of toys. It is my main spending luxury. I have so many toys to scare my subjects with. Glass, stone, vibrating, wands, plugs, clamps, suckers, slappers, straps, paddles, floggers, whips, restraints, canes, and miscellaneous toys. I love to see a proud man broken, but watching a hot girl gives you complete control of her being is something that really really has to be earned. If you earn the right to torture and hurt a girl for your pleasure, that is a deep kind of satisfaction—such grace in their pain, such beauty in their pleasure.

Such excitement in their fear. I love a little game of cat and mouse. I love facilitating a nice creepy little scene. Making a hot girl feel like my victim and watching the hair rise on the back of her neck as you kiss between her shoulder blades. Hearing her gasp at every unexpected touch and knowing that you are the reason for her desperation. Knowing that I have the power to touch and take as I please because I have earned that trust. I had a fun little sub girl tied up this weekend. I went over to her apartment, and I brought my handy dandy vibrating strap on. As we sat on her bed, I ordered her to place her palms together in front of her.

After binding her hands together and in front of her, I slid her shorts down a bit.

I turned on the wand vibrator and teased her with it over her panties for a while. Then I beat her ass. Then I returned the vibrator. I told her not to cum, which of course, her weak little bitch-ass did. Then I grabbed her by the hair, drew quite close to her face, looked her dead in her striking green eyes, and told her that I was going to rape her tight little ass. I made her scoot until her legs hung off the edge of the bed, and her feet landed on the floor. I dragged my nails all up and down the backs of her thighs oh so slowly and yanked her panties down. Then, I poured coconut oil all over her ass and lined up my strap on. I slid into her scared little ass, and she gasped.

Then after some sweet, sweet torture of using her ever so slowly, I turned the vibrator on, which vibrates in places for both her and me. I fucked her until I came.

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sexy fear