After getting close enough to a special friend, I decided that I wanted to start topping friends.

I knew that topping friends was a dangerous game. After teasing and edging my friend for days, I wanted desperately to take it further. I had imagined it many different times. All these elaborate fantasies of topping friends. I thought about pressing my lips to hers and feeling her naked body pressed to mine. Then, I imagined what her soft tits would feel like beneath the palms of my hands. I wanted to reach my hand between her legs and make her cum. She came over to my place and immediately took her top off like a little slut. She wore a black push up bra and a cute pair of tight, dark, skinny jeans. Then, she plopped down on my bed like a little tease.

Already entirely comfortable in my bedroom. Her tight little ass stuck up in the air and she made me deeply uneasy and excited. Right beneath the hook of her bra was a sexy little smattering of three freckles. My resolve was already gone. Any hopes of taking things slowly had evaporated. I wanted to just crawl on top her. Strip her naked and stare at her for hours.  I slowly reached my hand out and touched her freckles. Then, I ran my hand all across her back. Her warm skin beneath my hand. She was so soft. I unclipped her bra and it slid over shoulders. It fell forward. I stared at her bare back and felt excitement prickle up my whole body.

I wanted to feel her skin beneath my lips and between my teeth and under my tongue.

Then, I leaned over, grabbed her arm, and kissed her shoulder. I began running my hand over her skin. First, her arms. Then, her back. I dragged my fingernails down her neck and down the length of her spine. She made a sexy little sound and I grabbed her by the hair, turning her face into mine. Then, I kissed her so softly and slowly. Gently, I let my lips brush hers and rest there for a moment before pressing them together. I wanted to feel the warmth and softness of her mouth. Then, I pressed my lips to hers and unbuttoned her skinny jeans. I tugged them down and she pulled my top off. I tucked my arm under her waist and pulled her soft body against mine.

She pulled off my sports bra and began playing with my nipples. I felt her tug them, and soon her mouth was over them. I felt sensation build and pressure spread throughout my body. Straight down to my clit. Then, I kissed her again. Stripped down to her panties, I told her to go over to my toy drawer and pick out a vibrator. She nervously rifled through my drawer and returned with a pink rabbit. Little is sexier in this world than watching a hot, close friend of mine rifle through my toys with red cheeks. She handed me the rabbit and I told her to lay next to me. She did whatever I told her to. I climbed on top of her and kissed her some more.

Then, I filled my hands with her cute little tits.

Reaching my head down, I pressed my lips to her nipples. After feeling them against my lips, I lightly pressed my teeth to them. Then I moved up and kissed all up and down her neck. I felt her nipples pressed against mine and her soft pillowy tits beneath mine. Her tight little waist pressed to mine as I slid my knee between her legs and pressed into her.

She let out a sexy little sound and told her to turn around. Then, I spooned her and told her to show me how she wanted it. She grabbed my hand and guided the vibrator. I grabbed a fistful of her hair while using the vibrator on her. Then, I held her firmly and she whined as she grew closer and closer. She came hard and I just held her there afterward. Then, I decided I was quite fond of topping friends.

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topping friends