Go on and lay back, baby. I want you to enjoy yourself tonight. Don’t you love this young, tight body of mine? The curve of breasts and ass as I move around you. It is time for the ultimate sexy dream lover.

Of course, I love the way your body is reacting to mine. Additionally, when I am running my small hand down your stomach, the goosebumps show up on your entire body. And, if my lips kiss you here on your neck, you moan loudly.

Furthermore, if I am rubbing my nipples on your chest, you seem to lose your breath. Oh, I love that. Likewise, if I am whispering in your ear all the things we are going to do, you start sweating.

It is awesome being with a sexy dream lover.

Equally, this a time I can use my Sexual Mind Control on you. As you are in a deep relaxation state, you are open to all. I love controlling you. It is the same with my callers! I love putting them completely under my spell.

Of course, during my Fetish Phone Sex, I can make them totally mine. As they listen to my sexy voice, they are more than willing to bow to my will. It is the same with you right now, lover.

Tonight, you are under my spell. As my lean, tight legs move over yours, that cock is getting even harder. You are in awe of your sexy dream lover right now. My beautiful body is seducing you into compliance.

As my hands and mouth are exploring your body, the precum is leaking out.

Additionally, I am everything you desire in a woman. And, as we lay beside each other making out, you feel my soft lips on yours. Our tongues sliding around each other and my saliva mixing with yours.

Furthermore, as the air is hitting my nipples they are getting rock hard and you can’t resist sucking them. While a small moan of pleasure is escaping my mouth as your hands work down my body now.

My skin is as soft as silk. You are caressing my entire body taking your turn to explore me now. What an exquisite sexy dream lover episode we are having tonight. Oh, keep moving down, baby.

I want you to taste that tight wet pussy next!

Isn’t that cunt sweet? Oh, that is nice. And, keep running your tongue over that area right there. Yes, that feels amazing. Of course, I want you to make me cum again and again tonight! And, I will return the favor.

Swing around so we can “69.” I want that rock-hard cock in my mouth. It is so leaking so much precum, I want to taste you too. Mmmmm…yummy. Of course, I can deep throat, push all the way in, baby.

Yes, suck on my clit as you are face-fucking me. Oh, sexy dream lover fun is amazing! I am going to cum all over your face! Hence, I want this dick inside me. Likewise, sliding in slowly, I love how you are stretching me out. Additionally, don’t you love how I feel around your cock.

As you wake up with your cock in your hand a full load of cum everywhere you realize, I am in your dreams. Hey reader, craving some of this for yourself? Call me now!

Sexy Dream Lover