Sexy Beast Training Taken ALL the Way! Woof, Woof!

Sexy Beast Training is my new naughty thing! There’s always a hunger for that which we can’t, or shouldn’t have isn’t there? No straying from the norm there. For me, it’s K-9 training my men! Ever tried one of those as a strap-on? Oh, my! You have NO IDEA what you’re missing then, huh? So, to say that K-9 training my men is the best thing EVER, would be like having CUM CHRISTMAS all year long.

My men don’t only get me through phone sex, they get me in real life too. But, the fact that I’m free to play with them at will? Even better! When the first guy asked me to plunge fuck his man pussy, I was game cuz I’d done it before. But, he wanted a twist I had heretofore thought was really only big with women.  He wanted some sexy training! My heart nearly skipped a beat with anticipation!  Here was my larger-than-life, BBC, who didn’t just want to be over-powered and FORCED into anal; he wanted K-9 anal from my strap-on! Whoo-hoo!

Get Your Sexy Beast Training with Me.

So, we got naked. For me easy as dropping the panties. I’m soaking wet! He bent that glistening black specimen over at the waist, reached back, and spread his cheeks for me; exposing that cumpletely barren ass, void of ANY remnants of hair all the way over his man-mound.  Can you say Brazilian Wax? This time my heart STOPPED momentarily. I couldn’t strap that deluxe doggie dick on fast enough.  First, he went above and beyond by grasping the leather strappings between his pearly whites and tugged like a savage.  He was all-in for his beast training!

Then, I felt the leather embrace me and I felt the power surge through me. It coursed through me in such a way that if my K-9 strap-on dick was alive, it would be twitching at the mere thought of fucking him. My sexy beast training came up just short of plugging distance, admiring the divine work his ass was. I rubbed some lube over his pucker with my thumb and began my work. Slow, retreat with lots of panting, deep breaths for him and we began again. Slower, deeper, slow, retreat.

More SexyTraining for you.

He squirt his cum and screamed my name as if in some sort of ritualistic chant. Damn it was hot! Since him, there’s been a never-ending cavalcade of men at my doorstep. But, each being told by someone who’s lived to tell the tale of my brutal K-9 strap-on fuckings and what cums AFTER that devious fucking knot! They are all a bit timid on my doorstep, but once I get them inside and strap-on. Well, let’s just say you might be surprised by the things a man’s man is willing to do once he finds a playmate he trusts for sexy beast training.

Anything’s possible on our phone sex sites. I more than say I’m like the pages of your diary. Of course, I really am! So, cum to me. Find out what happens after the knot.  Unless you’re afraid.  I get it, Baby.  Some things may be better left uneXXXplored. I’m sure it won’t eat you alive wondering. Well, maybe. But, if you change your mind, and you want to see what’s behind that red door in your mind. Call me. I’ll give you the number, so you can remove THAT as your hindrance to sexy beast training. Haha.

I’m waiting! CUM and get your Training!

Just Joey


Bend over and bark for me!

Sexy Beast Training