Most Of Us Have Heard A Sexy Babysitter Story

Most of us that have done babysitting have a sexy babysitter story or two in our past. From letting our boyfriends coming over and having sex with them, to fucking the fathers. I am no exception. I really liked a few of the dads I sat for. Some of their wives were also nice, but not all. Some were very bitchy and I tried to communicate mostly with the dads. This one man had a cold wife and she didn’t speak to me very much. I flirted with him a lot when she was out of the room. She left payments to him and sometimes he’d give me a ride home as well. I’d say things I maybe shouldn’t have, or lean forward while wearing a low cut sweater. Things like that. I was his sexy young babysitter. 

I Found It Amusing To Tease Older Guys

So ,I knew this one dad liked me too, since he’d give my tits a squeeze in the car sometimes. And I would lay my hand on his inner thigh and rub my hand up over his crotch. I’d feel him get hard and he would let me jerk him off, but we never fucked. I used to fantasize about him when I’d masturbate and I’d even whisper that to him.

He would be breathing really hard when I’d say things like that and I found it amusing. It’s fun to tease men like that and get them going. As we were getting closer to Halloween, he told me to be sure and stop by his house. He was going to have a special treat for me. He didn’t elaborate, but I was sure curious as to what he meant. So ,I wondered if it meant a sexy babysitter story might be unfolding for me soon.

I Dressed Up As A Sexy Gypsy

I was dressed up in a sexy gypsy costume and rang the bell. He answered and invited me in. I expected the kids to be running wild and candy to be all over the place, but it was quiet. His wife had taken the kids trick or treating over to her sister’s. They were all going to have a sleepover. So he was alone for the night. I grinned and soon got the picture. It was just us. He led me to the bedroom and soon my sexy gypsy costume was a pile on the floor.

He kissed me and then down my neck and towards my breasts, then making my nipples hard. And  he took them in his mouth and he sucked on them. He led me to the bed and laid my nude body back on it and continued his kissing me all over. He spread my thighs and kissed the insides of them. I could feel my pussy lips opening from the wetness that was accumulating within them. He ran his tongue gently over my wet folds, tasting me, teasing me. He found my stiffened clit and worked his tongue all over it until I was gripping the sheets.

Fucking Him Was Worth The Wait

He slid his tongue into me and I quivered as I came and gushed on his face. He then came up between my thighs and slipped his hard, long cock into me. I gasped at it’s length and how it filled me. And I loved it. I was soon pulling him even closer and wrapping my legs around him tightly. I pumped him into me and we fucked hard for a good long time. My juicy cunt coated his cock with its wetness. Him grinding against me made me cum so good. Fucking him was worth the wait. He shot his load into my spent pussy and filled me with his seed. We lay there and caught our breath, but he was soon hard once more.

I Knew I’d Want More Sessions Like This

I took his still wet cock in my mouth and licked it clean of both of our juices. He was insatiable and groaned with pleasure as I sucked him off. He placed his hand on the back of my head and really gagged me with his shaft. I swallowed his load and only wished we’d gotten to play like this sooner. He was really good in bed and I knew I’d want more sessions like this with him.

I wondered what his cold wife would think if she knew what we were doing in her bed. I didn’t care. He was mine in this moment and I loved every minute of it. I even stayed most of the night since he was alone. He drove me back just after dawn the next morning. She’d be none the wiser. It really had been a happy Halloween. It was my favorite sexy babysitter story I ever had.

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