I Was Their Young Hot Babysitter

When I used to babysit for this couple. I had lots of fun when I would go over there. I used to look after their young daughter, but they had an older son that had gone off to college. And would come back a few times a year. He hadn’t seen me in a while and one night he came back for the weekend. And the parents were out and I was there minding the young daughter. And he seemed impressed with how much I’d grown since the last time he’d seen me. I laughed actually when I caught sight of his erection through his jeans as he was watching me.

We were both horny and needed to cum

I’d put her to bed already and was just watching t.v. when he came in and he said he’d expected his parents to be home .But I said they’d be out for another few hours and he started to talk about how horny he was. And how he hadn’t cum in a few days. He asked when the last time I’d cum was. And I’d said also a few days and he asked if I might like to help each other out. I was a bit horny and pretty much up for anything. So I said ok, what do you have in mind? He asked me to come upstairs to his bedroom and find out. So we went upstairs and he asked if I’d like to masturbate in the same room together. I said yes, I’d like that.  That would be pretty kinky.

We Masturbated Togetheryoung dana

So we took our clothes off and he sat in his desk chair across from his bed. And he had me lay on the bed and we started to touch ourselves. And watch each other as we masturbated. He said he loved to watch a girl touch her young pussy for him .And I was on my back with my feet on the bed and knees up caressing my pussy. As he watched and he was stroking his cock and I was surprised to see how big it was. His hand glided up and down his shaft and my fingers went in and out of my cunt. Each of us watching each other and finally I came. But bit my lip to be quiet, since I didn’t want to wake the young girl in the next room. And he soon shot his load as well.

He was Stroking His Dick As He Ate My Pussy

He came over to the bed and asked if he could lick my pussy and I said yes, and he went down between my thighs. And licked my still swollen clit as my juices still were pouring out of me. And it wasn’t long until his probing tongue was giving me another orgasm.  I could feel my legs shaking it was so intense. He was stroking his dick as he did so and he soon came again as well. It was fucking hot and the girl never woke up. I just got cleaned up in time before his parents came home a while later. Boy, I wish every babysitting job turned out like that one, but it was a lot of fun and we played like that a few times when he came home unexpectedly and I happened to be sitting for his young sister.
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