A Sexual Healing Session is What the Doctor Ordered!

Would you go to a sexual healing session? If you asked most people the answer would be a resounding no. Moreover, most of us would do anything but go to a therapy session. However, poor Diana ended up finding solace with an unlikely therapist and it ended up being one of her best sex stories. When the doctor says a sexual healing session is necessary it would not be wise to disobey the good old doctor, right?

Diana was a woman in her 40’s but did not realize her self-worth. She was medium height about 5’7, and a bit curvy in all the right places. However, she suffered from many problems in her marriage.

It all started on their wedding day!

Her husband’s true colors came out on their wedding day. On her special day, her husband didn’t even appreciate her gown or compliment his beautiful bride on her beauty. Most brides look for validation from her husbands or partners for emotional and mental confidence.

I truly felt so bad for her, the big day and her husband was treating her like trash. I heard it through the grapevine that he had been cheating on her even on the day of their wedding. Their marriage just got worse from that day. Eventually, Diana was so fed up and depressed, that she broke down and decided to see a professional.

The day of the sexual healing session.

Diana was a very nervous lady the day she stepped into the room with the doctor. She felt nervous and it definitely showed on her face. She sat down on the couch and tried to settle in. At first, she was reluctant to open up to the doctor, but as time went on, she started talking about her cheating husband. The doctor starts to ask Diana questions and she breaks down and cries for a bit as she tells him all the feelings she has been holding back for so long.

Diana outlined all the earlier events, the abuse, how he didn’t appreciate her, how he called her names. Next, she tells the therapist about how she knows he has been fucking other women and some of them are her own friends. Even one of her best friends has been seeing her man for over a year.

When he realized he had been caught he promised to stop seeing the other women.  However, soon after he started right back up again. Once he had even brought two women to their home to fuck both of them.

The doctor orders a sexual healing session!

After hearing about all her troubles, the doctor stands up and sits next to Diana on the couch. He first starts telling her his ideas of getting over the grief of a marriage that is about to end. Timidly she asks him how to do this.

Suddenly, the handsome doctor takes her into his arms. He compliments her on all of her attributes, how much he loves her hair, her body, her dress, and her loving personality. It wasn’t long before the doctor got to the point, telling her all she needed to feel better was a sexual healing session. He began slowly undressing her out of her dress. Then he stood and undressed in front of her. Of course, he canceled all of his appointments for the day so that he could fuck this beautiful woman on his couch.

This is only the first of many sexual healing sessions. 

Diana couldn’t believe that the doctor found her beautiful. He looked into those beautiful eyes from above before sliding his hard dick inside of her. The moment he slid into her wetness, she screamed. Diana bit back pain and pleasure as she had never felt anything so filling inside of her. The therapist slowly took her through some of the most gratifying lovemaking she had ever experienced.

Diana felt so much better after the sexual healing session that she booked one every week. She realized her husband could not satisfy her, remembering all the times she had to fake her orgasms to make him feel like he did his job. She vowed to never settle again and only go for the bigger dicks from that day forward.

Are you ready for your sexual healing session? 

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