Some of the Best Sex Stories Cum From Our Crazy Erotic Dreams!

Best sex stories, how can anyone pick just one?  Everyone wanted to fuck my mom!  Let me be the first to tell everyone I love my hot mommy.  How many of you guys have hot mommies?  My mommy not only looked the part of the sexy seductive mommy but also dressed the part.  I remember growing up, whenever I brought home friends from school to the house, they would always give my mom more than a passing glance.  The girls would stare because they wanted to know how and where to get the sexy dresses my mom wore and the guys would stare because my mommy was a hot sight to behold.  Sure my guy friends tried to deny the urge to have some hot milf phone sex fantasy-like thoughts, but any girl can read that “I want to do you” look.

My mom wore sexy short dresses and she definitely was not ashamed to show a lot of skin.  I secretly wondered if my mom had secret affairs I never knew about.  She was too hot not to have such an illustrious steamy sex life!  Many guys reading this would forget the boundaries and think about naughty age play phone sex.  I had this crazy dream that I walked in on my mom having sex with one of my guy friends who I also had a crush on at school.  She was riding him like a rodeo his cock hard and throbbing buried deep into my mom’s juicy pussy.  She was screaming his name and ordering him to fuck her harder to squirt his hot seed into her creamy pussy.

They both looked over at me not fazed they had been discovered.  They invited me to join them.  Even in my mind, I was half shy but so ready to go!  Once I lay down on the bed, they proceeded to undress me.  My mommy was so gorgeous her hair in beautiful long waves her beautiful pink lips kissing my entire body.  She removed my nighty and slipped my panties down my sexy slender legs.  He kissed me and watched mother and daughter make love.  My mommy worked my clit with her expert tongue until I screamed that I was going to give her my milk!

Settling into a nice afterglow, my friend mounted my soft body and pounded my juicy slit.  His cock was so thick and powerful.  I screamed out his name like my mommy did.  My mommy went up behind him with her strap on and plunged the head of her toy into his ass!  He started in surprise but kept fucking me.  I ordered my mommy to fuck his beautiful man’s ass with her strap-on!  In my dream we played all day and into the night.

I woke up from the dream feeling so turned on!  Of course, I have variations of daydreams when this story comes to mind.  I want to share some of the best sex stories with you.

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