He Was Having Sex With The Boss!

My brother was having sex with the boss at the local supermarket deli.  He was a star employee, and this year I found out exactly why! Now he’s trying to help me understand the situation because he worries I will tell his fiancée.  Since he is marrying my best friend, I told him he better give me a damn good excuse!

Apparently, he has only been giving dick to Manager Shelly for 2 years.   Having sex at work wasn’t his idea.  The other boys at work were always knee-deep in Shelly’s cunt, but not my brother.  He wasn’t much for MILFs, and plus, he tutored her stepchildren!  But when he approached her at work for a raise after 3 years of solid workmanship, Shelly told him “no.”

Flabbergasted, he was angry and demanding a reason.  Of course, he could always go elsewhere, but that would mean postponing his winter wedding, which would not blow over well.  Shelly told him that it is too tight economically to give him a raise, despite his efforts.  She could either let him go… or give him pussy before he left shift.

Ever have sex with your boss?

He knew a new job would set things back, so he decided to take what he could.  He started fucking Shelly each shift! Having sex with the boss doesn’t have the same perks when all the guys at work bury themselves in her, but her pussy game was strong, and he eventually got used to the idea of MILF titties in his face.

Eventually, the wedding passed, but he could not get rid of Shelly or quit his shit job at the deli.  There was blackmail out of Shelly’s mouth when he mentioned moving on to better pastures.  Apparently, his cock is huge and addictive.  She told him he would be fucking her accordingly for the rest of his life if he wanted to keep his family together.

He has a kid with his wife already and is worried about losing custody, so he kept fucking Shelly to keep her quiet.  He realized having sex with his boss was a spoken rule for a reason.  She would never let go of the hold on his balls.  And why would she?

Office Phone Sex Is A Call Away

I walked in to pick him up from work one evening because his wife had the car.  Hers was in the shop, and she commuted a lot farther.  So, he let her take him, and I agreed to come in and grab him on my way home. If I knew he was having sex at work, I would have waited in the car.  I was in a rush to get going and ran in to ask him to get ready to leave.  When I saw him in the deli, Shelly, against the counter with his meat deep in her, I almost fell!

Shelly was smug and told him she would see him tomorrow, but I could set he was freaked out.  The whole car ride home, he begged me not to tell anyone he was having sex with the boss.  Of course, something has to be in it for me, and I am unsure he can handle it.

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