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Get full-on revenge on your mean boss with this office sex fantasy. She’s bitchy and always demanding. She deserves someone like you to put her in her place. You and a few other guys team up together, and the blackmail begins. Well, you just can’t walk in there and demand office sex with your boss. If you’re into forced sex, then I guess you could, or you could just make her submit. How do you make her submit? It started when you guys started extorting the company in her name. You also planted drugs in her home and a camera in her office. Then you wait for the perfect moment to submit to office sex with you. The day comes when she calls you into her office and decides it’s time to fire you. When she attempts, you tell her about the extortion and the drugs in her home.

You explain to her she is ruined the moment the police find out about her money and drug problems. Instantly, she caves and asks what do you want. It’s time to take control and make her submit to office sex with you. You make her strip out of her clothes and rub her pussy. Blackmail sex is totally acceptable when it comes to a bitchy boss. You take out your cock and make her suck it. She rubs her cunt while sucking your cock. Then you point out the camera you had hidden in her office. You convince her how easy you could use it and get her for sexual harassment. Now, she will do anything you want because you are in control. This is how you make your boss submit to office sex with you.

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You have her page for the other guys to come into her office. The other guys come in, and now the real office sex fantasy begins. The other two guys see their boss sucking your big dick and take off their pants. After undressing, the three of you make her suck all of your cocks. You take turns forcing your cocks into her throat. Remember, this is going to be rough office sex. Then you walk around behind her and shove your cock inside her cunt. Show her who the boss really is! The other two guys keep stuffing her mouth with their cocks while you are fucking her. She is moaning as you bounce her on and off your cock. You pull out your cock, and one of the other guys takes your place fucking her.

You know everyone outside the door can hear the hot office sex you’re getting with the boss. All three of you take turns fucking your boss. And when you are done, you send her to the conference room and make her wait there naked. Why? Because you guys took money from other employees that want to fuck the boss. This is the part where this office sex fantasy gets really kinky. You tell her more guys are coming, and they all paid to fuck her. Now you’ve turned your boss into whore. Surround her with cocks and force her into a gang bang. She will be completely humiliated by this, but you are getting revenge. This role play is all about degrading and humiliating the mean boss. Turn your boss into a slut and make her submit.

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Are you ready to role-play with me? Turn me into the office slut! Usually, I’m not the submissive type, but I’m looking for a man to control me. Take complete control and do to me whatever you like. I’m looking for a hot office sex role-play that will make me squirt. I want something very kinky. Blackmail me, use me, and control me. Most of my guys only see my demanding side, but there is another side to me. I’m curious to hear about your office sex fantasy. I think we both know there are many ways to play this out. Want to hear more of my office sex ideas? Look at what happened when I caught boss masturbating. If you’re ready for the best phone sex then give one of my kinky phone sex girls a call.

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