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Sex toys, imaging my naked body laying there on the bed as you drizzle chocolate syrup all over my body. My creamy white skin is drizzled in sweet milk chocolate and it is now your job to lick it off of me. Start at my lips as you kiss your way down my neck making sure to follow the chocolate path.

As you do make sure to pay to attention to all the important parts of my body as you do.

When the chocolate swirls around my nipple use your tongue and lick my nipple until it stands nice and erect. Work your way across my breastbone towards the other one. The chocolate works its way down to my belly button and runs down to my toes, MMMM… I love the way your tongue feels licking my toes. Kissing your way past my pussy will drive me crazy and make my body tingle with anticipation.

Sex toys don’t always have to be bought at an adult store.

As your tongue reaches my wet pussy and I explode my juices into your mouth you will realize this. When I want to use chocolate as foreplay I have gone as far as making a mold of my ass hole and sending it to my man at work. He can lick and eat my ass while working hard at work knowing he will come to me after and enjoy the real thing. So while he is at work letting that sweet chocolate melt in his mouth he will be thinking about his tongue in my sweet ass hole later on.

What a dream cum true.

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