Sex, revenge, and devious actions, Oh My.

This is a story about sex and how I used it to make my Sugar Daddy mine for keeps. Picture it~Back in college, I had a friend named Jenna. Jenna was a little on the promiscuous side. Who am I kidding?

Jenna was just a plain slut.

And that is being nice. Jenna had fucked the one man that I actually liked. Fast forward to last summer. Rumor has it that Jenna has been doing very well for herself, she has a sugar daddy to pay all of her bills and supply her with unlimited credit cards. She also has a brand new car that he gave her. All she has to do is be faithful and give him sex when he wants it. From what I have heard she has him down to only three times a week. A couple of months ago I ran into her at a party. Of course, she had to brag about him.

And then it happened…..

I saw her flirting with a guy. I knew this bitch wasn’t faithful to her Sugar Daddy. As she walked into a bedroom with this guy I grabbed my phone and videoed. I waited a minute then quietly cracked open the door enough so I could video her fucking him. Thankfully I remembered the Sugar Daddy’s name and the company he owned. Walking in there I introduced myself to him. His name is Earl.

I informed him that I had some information he might want to see.

I showed him the video and told him that I can offer the same sexual services that Jenna had but mine would be better and I can also be faithful. Immediately he canceled her cards and called her to tell her he did. Opening his wallet he handed me a pretty little AMEX and told me to go shopping for a dress for dinner. I was already in heaven. He sent a car to come to get me.

After dinner, we went back to his place and I informed him that I wasn’t wearing any panties.

“Good girl” he replied. He undid his pants and let them fall to the ground. Without missing a beat I got on my knees and began to suck that cock and make it nice an hard, getting it ready for sex. Earl picked me up, carried me to the bedroom, threw me on the bed. We had sex all night long and into the early morning.

My pussy was so satisfied and full of cum.

If I do this right I will have the best of everything. I can even have my dream closet, a closet just for sex toys. Its every girl’s dream. so call me up and let’s have some naughty hot phone sex.

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