Sex pictures and my thoughts.

Sex pictures. Being a very open-minded person I welcum all sex pictures. The more the merrier. I also love to send them. numerous pictures of me have been sent to phones and emails across the country. In the same thought, I have received many more pictures. Sex Pictures are just a few I also get dick pictures, which I love so much.

Apparently, I am popular with the females too.

I get many many beautiful sweet pussy pictures. All the pictures make me so wet and horny. I have seen them all, big, small, black, white, circumcised, uncircumcised. One particular picture was sent to me last night. It was from Michael and was sex pictures. I just assumed that they were of him and me from the weekend before. I was wrong. They were not of him and me.

That was not my pussy, his cock was in another female.

He is having sex with someone else while he is out of town. So how do I get revenge on him? I think I will send him a video of me fucking midget with my strap-on. That is Michaels biggest fantasy, How mad would he be if I sent him sex pictures and videos of me licking her pussy as she squirms all over the bed.

Then I will lift her legs up to my chest as they aren’t long enough to reach my shoulders.

At this point, I will be sliding my 9-inch strap-on in her dripping wet pussy and fuck her hard and deep until her pussy juice squirts all over my hard cock. When she is finally done cumming I will step out of the strap-on. Placing it on the be her and I will suck it and lick all of her pussy juice off of it. If anyone as any other revenge sex ideas I am open to suggestions. Call me and we can role play your idea with some hot phone sex.