Public sex, a very simple self-explanatory term.

Public sex is defined as two people having sex in public. Sweet and simple. But the question is how freaky are you willing to get. A car? people have been having sex in the car since the days of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. A party? The park at night? Ever heard of the mile high club? No, the mile high club is technically not public sex but it is the same thrill of people around and the chance of getting caught. What about a crowded beach?

Would you be daring enough to have sex at one of the biggest tourist attractions?

A place where on average 15,000 people visit a day. One of the natural seven wonders of the world, The Grand Canyon. Would you ever have public sex at the Grand Canyon? Be adventurous and climb your way out on the rocks.

You may be away from people, but everyone will be able to see still.

There is not really an area where you will have privacy. Looking over the cliff that you just climbed and realizing that you looking about 6,000 feet down. It gives you a rush. Look into each other’s eyes and kiss with passion, use that adrenaline to forget that everyone is around and is about to witness your public sex act. As you begin to rip your pants off and pound your girls pussy.

Fuck that pussy like its never been fucked before.

Make her scream your name for everyone to hear. Make her beg for your cum and listen to it echo throughout the canyon. Fuck her so good that after your public sex experience everyone will know the sounds she makes as she cums and covers your hard throbbing cock in her pussy juice.

Make everyone jealous of your public sex.

Let them enjoy the sex pictures of you that they snapped. Now that you are hot and bothered you can call your favorite phonesex operator Eve. Do you want to hear in greater detail what happened in that canyon?

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