Sex Toys – Feeding From A Mommy – Part 5

Sex Toys – I’ve never been so excited to come to work in my whole life knowing she would be here as my first appointment of the day.  Starting up the jet spa tub in my massage room and dropping a little bit of oil and bubbles.  Breathing in the aroma and steam.  She walked in looking stunning as always.  Her long, brown hair flowing.  Voluptuous breasts.  Long legs.  I kissed her deeply and lifted her sundress over her head revealing my absolute favorite thing about her.

So hot that she came to me with her breasts full.  Just for me.

Hooking my fingers along the sides of her lace panties, I scooted them off as she stepped out of them.  She looked over at the tub and asked me, “What do we have here?”  I said nothing as I guided her over, sitting her on the edge of the tub.  Taking off my spaghetti strap tank top and shorts, I climbed in to the warm water and grabbed her legs, spinning her around so that she was facing me.

Looking at her, I said, “Feed me?”

She bent over just a little bit and I took her left mommy, milky breast into my mouth.  Feeling and tasting that warm, sweet juice on my tongue and down my throat.  Hearing her gasp and moan while she wrapped her fingers in my long blonde hair, urging me to continue.  Her right breast was starting to ooze so I switched to that one to give it some relief.

She cried out and came the moment I latched on.

I didn’t even have to touch her pussy.  But I wanted to.  So I spread her legs even further and started lapping hungrily at that sweet mommy, wet cunt.  Tongue fucking it and inserting two fingers inside her as she bucked her hips and came on my fingers and face.  Breathless I lowered her into the tub with me, kissing her.  I tell her to keep her eyes closed and that I have a surprise.  There we were in the warm, scented, bubbly water together, facing each other.  Taking out my double ended dildo, I insert one part into my cunt and move towards her.  Putting the other end inside of her.

Gasping and groaning, she opened her eyes and looked into mine.

Wrapping our legs around each other we start fucking that sex toy dildo together. Grinding, Writhing.  Water splashing everywhere.  I lost track of how many climaxes happened between the two of us that day.  It ended with us both spent and having her rest laying between my legs, her back to me.  As I cradled her, cupping her beautiful breasts, kissing her softly.  Telling her how much I still crave every single inch of her.


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