Sex Toys:  Why Didn’t I Indulge In This Sooner?

Sex Toys Collection:  On a whim, I bought some Ben Wa Balls.  Heard about them but had never used them.  They looked interesting and I’m always up for something different.  Tucking them away in my sex toys bag and pretty much forgot about them mostly.  I came across the box of them quite by accident while I was looking for another one of my toys.  In a little box, there was a small, medium, and large.  I thought WOW!  I had forgotten all about these.  Why haven’t I used them?
This was on the day that my mother had a doctor appointment that her neighbor was driving her to and I asked them to come to pick me up so I could hear everything. Right before they got here I made a naughty mistake of watching a porn movie and I’ll admit I was super horny but knew they would be here any minute. Part of me was thinking “don’t do it…..” but ohhhhh I had to.
I inserted the medium and large ones inside me at about the time I got the text that they were waiting for me outside.
I started to walk out and felt those magnets moving around and gasped.  Move slower, slower, slower.  I made it to the car and climbed in the back seat.  My mother and her neighbor were chatting it up like hens.  Sitting in the back, I kept pressing my legs together feeling all of that goodness.  Why did I wait so long to use these, I kept wondering.  My mother asked me why I was being quiet.  I just looked at my phone and told her that I’m working and to carry on.
We got to the parking garage and I told them that I needed to return a few work calls and that I’d be up in a minute and to leave me the keys to lock up and set the car alarm.  They left and I laid down on the back seat gripping everything I could, feeling everything in me, and thrusting.  Ohhhhhh soooo gooood.
Breathing I fixed myself up and went, telling myself to take those out before you go up there but I couldn’t.
I was already so far gone on these things. So I went up right at the time they got called back to the exam room.  I was invited to take a chair but I thought OMG… I can’t sit right now so I opted to stand against the wall.  The rest of the appointment was a blur as I tried to keep control over my body responding to what happened and what I knew was going to happen again.  After the appointment, my mom had to go to the bathroom before we left and I thought.  Take them out now.  This is not good, not good.  Only it was soooo good!  Sooo fucking good!
They drove me home and I walked slowly to my door.  Letting myself in, I sat at the bottom of the stairs on my landing cumming so hard that I pushed the Ben Wa Balls out on to the floor.  OMG!  Thankfully it didn’t happen sooner than that.  I guess I need some more practice with these things!  You think?  Sex Toy Slut Forever.
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