When I say electric sex toys, I don’t mean chargeable or battery operated vibrators.

I mean sex toys for the purpose of electrocution. An entire spectrum of electrocution toys exist and remain approved for sexual use. Some are insertable, but many come with attachments; such as clamps or adhesives. They are usually intended for nipple stimulation; however, many can be attached to the scrotum, the foreskin, the clitoris, various parts of the face, and even feet.

Now, if the fetish is an unsafe use of electrocution devices, A cattle prod doubles as a great torture device! This; however, reserves the potential to lead to permanent damage to the area being shocked. I would personally categorize electrosex as sadism and masochism, as it hurts quite a bit. I tried it after this guy that I met online showed it to me. It looked like some kind of hospital equipment.

They were sticky little circles with wires on the other side. He put one on the mound of my pussy, one low on my abdomen, one on the side of my left tit, and the last one on the inside of my thigh. He said that we would start at a low voltage and a low duration so I could get a taste of the feeling. Once initiated, the spots turned numb and tingly. At the same time, they heated up and prickled.

The sensation pulled and through my whole body, starting at those sites!

It stung! It felt like someone bit me where the adhesives sat! Such a sensation! He turned up the remote and this time, I felt pain spike through my body like like lightning. My whole body convulsed! Some of my craziest blackmail sex stories couldn’t compare to this level of wild! I had fun, but maybe not an everyday activity, as it is quite taxing. If you like adult chat, read some more of my blogs!

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