One of my blackmail sex stories took place when I caught my dad dressing up in my mom’s clothes.

It was one of my more vengeful blackmail sex stories. I had gotten off school early because the roads were supposed to get rough for the school buses to drive on. Pulling the key out from under the rug, I realized that it was already unlocked. My parents would probably blame me for that, I thought.

Walking in, I  heard a noise from my parent’s bedroom. I was terrified that there was a robbery! With 911 pre-dialed on my phone, I opened the door to my parents’ bedroom and there stood my father. He stood, frozen, wearing only my mother’s bra, panties, heels, and stalkings. Cheating sex stories wouldn’t have made for better blackmail details!

What a hairy loser. I immediately switched my phone to the camera and took pictures of him just standing there, trying desperately to hide himself. That hard cock in those panties looked so hard in all of the pictures. We had just had a fight about me being able to have an iPhone too. Then, we had another fight about him not wanting to drive me to my friend’s house.

I was going to get everything out of this!

Showing him the phone with all of the pictures, He stood there in shame. I told him that, unless he wanted me to send those pictures everywhere, he had to do whatever the fuck I told him to. He was going to be my slave and I told him that I was going to call him slave too! First off, I was going to get an iPhone. Then, he was going to drive me wherever the fuck I wanted. Unless he wanted to be the center of abuse in the rest of my bdsm sex stories, he was going to be my little bitch and he was going to pay for telling me no! Want more blackmail phone sex? Read some more of my blogs!

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