How a Sex Tape Changed My Life

My boyfriend and I had always been a bit more on the vanilla side of things in the bedroom. Neither of us really minded and found ourselves drawn to each other the same way we had when we met. In fact, we had some pretty damn hot sex. When Adam casually mentioned that he wanted to make a sex tape I almost thought he was joking. Almost. The way he said it I knew that he was genuine in this fantasy. Quite honestly I was eager to make it happen.  

Later that night I slipped into his favorite lingerie set and a sexy pair of heels. I knew that when he saw me his cock would be throbbing and I couldn’t wait. I quickly set up the camera and asked him to come find me in the bedroom. The moment he walked in his jaw dropped and he eagerly made his way to the bed. He kissed me hard with his hands tangled in my hair as we laid on the bed and my hands explored his body. Adam was almost animalistic in the way that he tossed me onto my stomach and aggressively lifted my ass high in the air.

The sweet sound of satisfaction slipped from his lips as he pulled my panties to the side and licked my dripping bald pussy.

This sex tape was quickly exposing Adam’s dominant side and I couldn’t help but feel so turned on experiencing it. The way he moved seemed foreign and delicious at the same time and I was desperate to feel him inside me. In one unexpected thrust his entire length rammed into me hard causing me to scream in pleasure. His hands were gripping my thighs tight as he bounced me back against his thick cock again and again. He was balls deep inside me but it felt like nothing I had ever felt before. This was only the beginning of our adventure into the world of kink and I can’t wait to see how deep we will venture.

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