Enjoy while this cum eating slut gets the lesson of a lifetime.

It wasn’t a secret that I was a high school slut. In fact, most of the teachers in my school made sure to put me right in front of their class. I took that as an opportunity to tease one teacher in particular, Mr. Peach. I loved watching him squirm as he tried not to look down at my spread legs beneath my desk. He had no idea that he was going to be teaching me my first cum eating lesson.

I often wore lace panties or thongs to tease him, but this time I chose to skip them altogether. I needed him to know how bad I wanted him. That day I went to class as usual, but as I sat down I smiled innocently at Mr. Peach as I spread my legs to show my smooth wet pussy. The class went by fast as he struggled to hide his raging hard-on behind his desk, but when the bell rang I didn’t move. It was a lunch block so I knew we had time to be alone. He did too.

We both knew just how bad I wanted this…

We didn’t say a word and the silence only made me more eager to have him. I stood up and took my time walking to his desk, enjoying his gaze making its way up my legs. When I got close enough I rolled his chair to face me, smiled and dropped to my knees. His cock was throbbing as I unzipped his pants and finally got to wrap my hands around it. I looked up at him as I slid my tongue around the tip, tasting him for the first time. “I want you to make me your cum eating slut.” He moaned softly as I slipped it between my lips and started working every inch into my mouth.  It felt as if we were making a sex tape and I couldn’t get enough. 

I could feel his hand on the back of my head, his fist full of my hair as he started to thrust into my mouth. My wetness was dripping down my thigh as my nose pressed into his pelvis. I gagged around his cock as he forced me to deep throat his entire length, but it only made him fuck my face harder. Drool was dripping down my chin and I could feel that he was ready to explode. He moaned that he was going to cum, but I wanted it all to myself. He was shocked that I didn’t pull off of him but continued to moan and gasp as he came hard in my mouth.

Extra Credit for this Slut

As much as I loved being a cum slut, I had to admit I would have loved his load in my tight teen pussyI innocently swallowed every drop of his creamy cum. I licked my lips, stood up and smoothed my skirt. The bell rang and Mr. Peach quickly zipped his pants back up just in time for students to begin flooding the room. Something tells me I got an A for that cum eating assignment.

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